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Germany will attack Polish bakeries? “save us”

Germany will attack Polish bakeries?  "save us"

Energy prices have affected bakers in Germany. They are taking to the streets massively, to express their concern about the energy crisis, according to the portal “Deutsche Welle”. Instead of paying yet Less than ten cents a kilowatt-hour of gas, the rate is now close to 35 cents. This is more than three times the current fee.

Bakers are shocked by the rise in energy prices and wonder how they can cover these costs. For example, “DW” mentions Eckehard Vattter, which operates a large bakery in Lower Saxony with 35 branches and 430 employees. Currently, he received gas bills of more than 75 thousand. euros per month. Previously, it was about 5.8 thousand. euro.

The aid packages are mainly directed to families. Meanwhile, as the Central Association of German Bakery Manufacturers alerts, If they do not receive financial assistance from the state, many businesses will have to close.

Thousands of bakery workers have already taken to the streets of Hanover to protest under the slogan “Save us the bakers.” s.There is also an acacia demonstration where the lights have been turned off. “We’re out of light – light today, bake tomorrow?” – It’s her motto.

As “DW” indicates, Existing increases in energy costs can no longer be offset by price increases and passed on to customers. A big increase in the price of bread is not an option. According to the German Confederation of Industry, a third of industrial enterprises see their existence in danger.

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