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Gesler, Magda’s son, was a burner. Tadeusz Muller lost his home

Odpicowane mieszkanie – amerykański dom na polskiej wsi

Tadeusz Müller, son of Magda Gessler, has been working to renovate the historic palace for eighteen months. The house, in which he was to live a few weeks, caught fire and burned to the ground. “Not even a piece of wood survived inside” – tells the victim.

Radziszewski Palace – A story through the eyes of Tadeusz Müller

The palace, located on Radziszewo Król, was not only a profitable investment for Tadeusz Müller – he wanted to restore the building and open a guest house there, where he could conduct culinary workshops. The renovation of the property of Magda Gesler’s son was also associated with a significant emotional contribution. The chef made friends with neighbors and wanted to help the people of the historic village to promote the charming surroundings.

Built in 1933, the historic mansion was an amazing dream come true. I immediately liked the place, thank you […] Cool neighbors who wanted the symbol of Radziszewo Król village not to fall into ruin. The palace was built by the Radziszewski family. An educated doctor and pharmacist used to accept people from all over Podlasie into his office. He was born, operated on, treated patients for free, using his knowledge gained in France – we read in Müller’s Instagram post.

Gesler, Magda’s son, wanted to spread the history of this unique property and the interior design that would welcome many visitors. He also plans to spend the night in the palace, which has been renovated for a year and a half. He was supposed to move there in February 2022.

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– I discovered bunkers under the stairs in the chimney in which the residents hid the doctor before they were taken to Siberia. This place was an architectural gem, hiding a forgotten history that I painstakingly wrote to share with the world in an open house that welcomes all. […] The house was nearing completion and we were supposed to spend the night there in February – Explains the owner of the restaurant.

The house of Magda Geisler’s son – Consequences of the fire

The house in Podlasie, which was rebuilt by Tadeusz Müller, burned in a fire in mid-January. Heron posted photos of the site on Instagram. He compared the loss of property to mourning the death of a loved one.

– A week ago the house I was renovating 1.5 years ago burned down. […] Losing a house on fire is a horrific experience. It’s like the death of a loved one. Feeling as if I had the flu was depressed and mournful. Only a week later I was able to drive there and face the devastated landscape. Not even a piece of wood survived inside. The fire was very severe – according to Mueller.

Words of support for the owner of the restaurant and his beloved came from friends and mother. – I am with you from the bottom of my heart. I think it would be good if the sun you longed for would rise after this storm. Sending you a lot of good energy and love – Magda Geisler wrote on Instagram.

author:Berenika Olesińska

Main image source: Foot. Kamil Piklikiewicz / DDTVN / East News

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