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Gessler shocked with the prices of catering to communicate! Surprising what will be on the plate!

Gessler shocked with the prices of catering to communicate!  Surprising what will be on the plate!

Group parties that were organized at home some time ago are a thing of the past. Nowadays, few of them have the time and preparation to prepare a lavish party for their children. It’s easier to rent a place and “get ready”.

Unfortunately, as you can guess, you have to pay dearly for this pleasure. Cake and desserts are not always included in the dinner price, which is usually the main star of the evening. So you have to take care of yourself with sweetness. Residents of Warsaw can take advantage of the benefits offered by, among other things, Magda Gesler. The owner of the restaurant is very much prepared for the dishes signed in her name.

There are several options in the restaurant, a We will pay 178 PLN per person for the most expensive of them all. For that price, we get appetizers, soup, main course and dessert. The good news is that we don’t have to spend more on sweets, although looking at the prices, it’s still a small saving…

Magda Gesler offers us an appetizer among other things, fresh spinach with pomegranate sauce with caramelized lamb cheese, goose parfait with mango jam, or duck breast carpaccio among small salads.

The main dishes are also sumptuous. We can choose between veal with milk in a creamy white truffle sauce with spinach dumplings and mushroom catfish. For dessert, we will enjoy the meringue pavlova or the black forest cake.

We have to spend PLN 89 per person on the juniors menu. For this price, kids will get buttery rolls with ham or gravy, tomato soup, mini burgers, french fries or breaded chicken tenders with fries. For dessert, they will taste vanilla ice cream or apple cider with vanilla sauce.

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PLN 148 offer will be a slightly cheaper optionWhich also includes an appetizer, soup, main course and dessert. Here we can choose among others sirloin tartare, roasted beetroot cream, half of duck polish and a lemon square on a lemon sponge cake.

The cheapest option in a restaurant named after Gessler costs PLN 135 per person. The menu includes, among others, beetroot carpaccio with lettuce and goat cheese, amber broth with homemade pasta, and on the second course we will be able to try the corn chicken breast or the turbot. For dessert, we eat a terra cake or a spider-apple with cinnamon.

You can also order a cake at the restaurant. But some time ago, it became known how much this cute pleasure costs Magda Geisler. At the residence of Magda and her daughter Laura “Sudky Sonny”, For a cake for 20 people, you need to pay from 700 to 850 PLN. It is undeniable that such an amount can spoil many budgets …

What do you think of the menu at Gessler’s Pub? Children will be happy?

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