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“Get vaccinated for health!”. Campaign launched to emphasize the role of taking medication against COVID-19 – News

The main objective of the campaign, which kicked off on November 25, is to encourage as many recipients as possible to participate in the vaccinations. As part of the campaign, on the website, you can read many articles about vaccination against COVID-19.

“If you have vaccinated yourself or are planning to do so, say it out loud! Report it on your social media channels! If you don’t want to reveal yourself and explain your decisions too much, just share one of our posts (FB, IG) and supply Your entry with a suitable hashtag: #odporny, #odporna, #odporni, #OdporniNieOporni, #OdpornaPolska ”- it was written on the campaign website:

More than 50 percent of Poles are vaccinated

– The situation is boring (…). Data from November 22 indicates that fifty percent of people in Poland have been vaccinated. Even more alarming than the number of us vaccinated is the fact that only 1 per cent are waiting for the continuation of vaccination – said at the press conference in Warsaw accompanying the opening of the campaign, President of the Polish Society of Public Health, Prof. Andre Val.

In his view “from the green island” that we were on during the holidays until September and mid-October, we are now one of the main centers of the epidemic in the world. – If in Poland we are talking about 400-450 deaths per day, then this means that 10-12 people die out of a million people. I would like to remind you that in Great Britain their number ranges from 1.5 to 2 ”- he indicated.

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a. Andre Val emphasized that thanks to reaching the level of herd immunity, we can beat the epidemic together. However, we can only get population immunity – he said – as a result of vaccinating a high percentage of the population. The herd immunity threshold, at which the number of new infected begins to fall, usually requires 90-95 percent. resistant population.

– The pandemic that it will not go away (…) The fourth wave of the increase in infections is not the last period of growth in this epidemic. So, let’s feed ourselves, because even if we don’t build immunity in this wave of growth, we can undoubtedly stop the further progression of the epidemic through vaccination. This should be our goal at the moment – the assessment of the head of the Polish Society of Public Health.

Vaccinations save 2-3 million lives.

“Every year around the world, vaccines save 2-3 million lives. Thanks to immunity, we will restore the return to unlimited and safe epidemic restrictions (in terms of infection with SARS-CoV2), the daily work, and the economic security of individual families will translate into rebuilding Polish economy ”- we read on the campaign website.

The campaign authors also encourage people to join the vaccinated group, as facts, research and examples from other countries show that vaccination is the only proven and most effective form that will help us deal with the SARS-CoV-2 viral epidemic.

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