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Ghost of Ikishima may be this year’s premiere. What can we expect?

Ghost of Ikishima may be this year's premiere.  What can we expect?

When I was creating a special classification of games as of 2020 I had the opportunity to play, Ghost of Tsushima reached the podium without any problems. I think the title from Sucker Punch studio was a perfect farewell to the previous generation and gave Sony console owners something they had wanted for a long time. Finally, we put together a project in Asia that we dreamed of.

Indeed, even today, in retrospect, it is difficult for me to find any significant and significant flaws there. Of course, a small drawing can always be done, but Nothing disgusting those tens of hours Eliminate the attacking Tsushima – both the main plot and the side quests were at a really high level. Even the reclamation of villages was better than what was done, for example, in the Far Cry series.

So we’re talking about a title that I’m really fond of and that I’m simply fascinated with. And considering the reviews (although those were with us) and the number of awards I’ve been able to win, I’m not alone in this delight. At the time of the premiere, it was possible to get the impression that expanding this universe would only be a matter of time. we will I was taking a supplement with a hand kiss.

Ghost of Ekishima

However, I admit that I did not expect such a course of events and that perhaps soon we will have a preview … not a complete sequel, but something like a standalone expansion! you know Something for à la Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, where we’re not talking about spin-offs or the full sequel, but rather something like a bridge.

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Will this be the ghost of Ikeshima, which we first heard about a few days ago? It is difficult to say with 100% certainty. The information first appeared from the website of one of the informants under the pseudonym Shpeshal_Nick. who – which He had some really good reports beforeThe most famous were those related to the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS Plus and the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade Edition.

We also know from him that it will be a standalone addition. Isn’t it enough? It will debut later this year! Although you don’t want to believe it, maybe Sony has been working on this title for some time in the sweat of its brow? I dare say the upcoming State of Play show will be groundbreaking in terms of possible confirmation or denial of this rumor. It’s really hot.

Iki Island

Well, let’s say that during the presentation we actually got an announcement that this title will debut this year – let’s say, in the fall. Then it is likely that a lot of questions will arise about what exactly this address is. What will the story be? Who will be the protagonist? Who will we face and what are the challenges that will be on the path of the samurai this time?


It is difficult to answer the above without context, but one thing can be inferred from the title itself – the place of action. Ekishima is simply Iki Island. It is a small island (only 134 square kilometers – Tsushima has nearly 700 of them) located in the Tsushima Strait, which is located about 16 kilometers from Kyushu. Interestingly, they together with Tsushima form Iki-Tsushima National Park.

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what is important, This place was also the site of clashes between the Mongols and the defending Japanese. Perhaps that is what prompted the creators to choose this place for the next stage of the samurai’s adventures? By itself, as I mentioned, it is much smaller (almost five times), which will also create a relatively denser area to explore. This sounds like the perfect standalone DLC option.

But what are you doing there?

It might sound like a wish party, but I’d like to see two possible scenarios. First, podróż Jina Sakaia na IkiEven after the liberation of Tsushima, he will go to battle on another island. After all, there are also a lot of villages to save and residents who need help to restore the normal order of life. It is not known what the situation looks like in a remote location.

Iki Island

Second, it would be nice to do it like in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales i Get another hero. Some of the characters are that of the “soul of Iki” and the counterpart of Sakai. Experience a similar story there, but with a slightly different theme and the personal tragedies of the protagonist. However, later, he will develop his story into a complete continuation of Ghost of Tsushima, where his path intersects with the good of a famous warrior.

Reality It won’t take you to reinvent the wheelAnd the key could be adding some interesting mechanisms and an interesting world. After all, no one is demanding that this supplement revolutionize. Anyway, I personally think the Ghost of Tsushima method of doing the work worked well and didn’t make you tired after a while. Even a few extra hours of similar activities would be fun.

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I honestly hope it doesn’t end in gossip. very I would like the reports to be correctAnd the Ghost of Ikishima has already been created. If I can get a copy of the game this year, I will do so with unimaginable pleasure. Once again, I would like to go back to swing my sword, defeat enemies, and think about the meaning of life.

I’m convinced that such a premiere could encourage many people to buy the PlayStation 5. It would also be proof that the series should evolve further. And since there is an idea to add a stand-alone, this means that There is also an idea in terms of complete continuation. Nothing but waiting. Whatever the production, as long as it is, my endorphins will start humming to the rhythm of a well-written haiku.

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