September 23, 2021

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GIS warns of ice parties from Pedronka.  All because of ethylene oxide

GIS warns of ice parties from Pedronka. All because of ethylene oxide

The Health Inspection Department has issued a public warning about some batches of ice cream from beetles. The announcement appeared on the government’s website and on Twitter.

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GIS warns of a batch of ice cream from Pedroncka. The culprit of a dangerous element

“The Chief Health Inspector has been informed that Unilever Polska sp. Z oo is withdrawing the next batches of Spiderman and Frozen 2 Olaf ice cream due to the use of an ingredient contaminated with ethylene oxide in its production” – the Chief Health Inspectorate reported on the government website. The warning was also posted on Twitter.

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According to the head of the health inspection, ethylene oxide containing batches of ice cream, a substance harmful to health, and its presence in food Sold In the European Union it is not allowed.

Ladybug. Which ice cream contains a toxic substance?

Withdrawal from chain stores Ladybug The following products are subject to:

product name:

  • Lodi Spiderman 6 x 60 ml (Multi Pack)
  • Part Number: 109004M54, 033904M54
  • Minimum durability date: 06/2022, 09/2022

product name:

  • Lody FROZEN II Olaf 6 x 60ml (Multi Pack)
  • Part Number: 030904M54, 031004M54, 031404M54, 031204M54
  • Minimum durability date: 05/2022, 05/2022, 05/2022, 05/2022

Unilever Polska sp Z oo has notified the recipient of the aforementioned products (Jeronimo Martins Polska SA) about the need to withdraw them from sale, and state health inspection authorities are monitoring the recall from the market of a batch of ice cream containing a dangerous ingredient.

The head of the Public Health Inspectorate reminds you that you should not eat the products covered by the advertisement.

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