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Global Finance rating. Adam Glapiński received the note “C”

Global Finance rating.  Adam Glapiński received the note "C"

Global Finance asserts in its analysis that the past 12 months have been a turbulent period in the lives of central bankers. The world’s macroeconomic situation has changed due, among other things, to: The war in UkraineOr higher prices for energy carriers, which in turn led to higher inflation. After the fat years, it’s time for “austerity policy”. How, according to the authors of the ranking, did Adam Glapinski do?

Here is the justification for Adam Glapinski’s remark

In justifying this assessment, we can read that the head of the NBP “Rejection concerns about inflation last year, the shadow of a dove Even when other central banks started raising interest rates long before the disaster Forecasting inflation.”

The rest of the article is under the video

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The authors of the order refer to the change PoliciesWhich, after a series of 11 rate hikes, led to an increase in the key reference rate to 6.5 per cent. However, as “GF” points out, Glapiński appears to have to do more after the sudden rise in inflation in August to a level of 16.1 percent. and after In September, prices rose an average of 17.2 percent. every year.

Glapiński may anticipate the peak of the price-raising cycle, but ING analysts are convinced that further increases in inflation after the summer holidays and at the beginning of 2023 mean that The cycle of increases is not over yet – We read in “Global Finance”.

Who was the best in the opinion of the authors of the ranking?

The only central bank president marked with an “A+” sign is Ásgeir Jónsson of the Icelandic Central Bank. Ranking authors assert that at least 80 percent. The country’s energy comes from renewable sources, but the rising cost of living has greatly worried the head of the bank He was the first head of Western financial institutions to begin tightening monetary policy in early 2021.

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GF asserts that Iceger Johnson reacted swiftly and decisively, sensing the change in the global situation. Today, interest rates in Iceland are 5.5 per cent, and the central bank is not ruling out further increases. It also uses other tools, such as limiting the loan-to-equity ratio or the debt service-to-income ratio. All this to control inflation in the housing market.

Central bank heads from Brazil, China, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Israel and South Africa are in the ranking. A-, in turn, went to the representatives of Colombia, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Georgia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mauritius, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Swipe NBP Ranking

NBP reacted to last year’s version of the ranking with a series of tweets Criticizes “Global Finance”. In the news published in the press office profile, we can read, among other things, that this arrangement was “made by the bankers, advising foreign capital where the best possible income is currently”. Single The magazine was called a “trivial magazine”.

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