October 19, 2021

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Gmail is attacked by Russian hackers.  Google Sharp 14 thousand.  Users

Gmail is attacked by Russian hackers. Google Sharp 14 thousand. Users

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As stated in 2018, cybersecurity experts associate APT28 with the GRU, that is, the main Russian intelligence council, and therefore – the president himself Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hikerome He is credited, inter alia, with storming the German parliament or interfering in US elections (Attacks for the Democratic Party and its nominee, Hillary Clinton.

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14,000 warnings from Google. Russian hackers targeted people from certain industries

In September this year, the Russians pirates, also known as Fancy Bear or Sofacy, launched a phishing campaign against Gmail. 14 thousand mail users The Google, which could become the target of another attack, receive appropriate warnings from the company to their inboxes.

These reports were confirmed by Shane Huntley, Head of Threat Analysis Group at Google (TAG), in a message sent to the website. sleeping computer. The expert acknowledged that warnings about APT28 activities amounted to 86 per cent. All security alerts detected by TAG during the month. Huntley confirmed it Gmail Blocked messages from Fancy Bear: They did not end up in users’ inboxes because they were automatically classified as spam.

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As we read on the portal, the APT28 campaign is not intended to break into the email boxes of its victims, but rather to monitor the activities of activists, journalists, government officials, as well as people working in national security structures. Google encourages Gmail users To register for the Advanced Protection Program For business and personal email.

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