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God of War Ragnarok in detail. Why will the developers finish the saga, and what are the bugs that will be eliminated?

God of War Ragnarok in detail.  Why will the developers finish the saga, and what are the bugs that will be eliminated?

The Santa Monica studio will be faced with the great task of proposing a new adventure in the history of Kratos. Eric Williams and Corey Barlog have spoken about the game, and they are a huge influence on the development of Kratos’ adventures in Norse mythology.

God of War Ragnarok revealed at PlayStation demo And Santa Monica Studio is ready to prepare players for the game’s premiere in small steps. We still don’t know when the title will finally appear, but Eric Williams (Game Director) and Corey Barlog (God of War 2018 Director) interviewed YouTuber Kaptain Kuba.

During the conversation, many topics were brought up and as it turned out – it was Cory Barlog who decided to abandon the plan to prepare three adventures in Norse mythology, because Production creation may take a long time:

“It was Corey’s decision to end the saga of the North after two games. One of the main reasons is that it took 5 years to develop the first game, and the second game needs similar time. The third place from the Nordic countries means that it will take about 15 years to cover one story, which is very long.”

The developers also mentioned that the studio heard players complain about a small group of enemies in the previous Kratos story and God of War Ragnarok will save many enemies. The events will also focus on the Blades of Chaos, whose return has already been confirmed in the last stills.

Santa Monica Studio representatives are also convinced that players will be too “I am amazed when they see the settlement of the National Assembly, its figures and its enemies”.

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