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God of War Ragnarok is “a PlayStation 4 game for sure.” Production “amazingly polished”

God of War Ragnarok is "a PlayStation 4 game for sure."  Production "amazingly polished"

God of War Ragnarok is the next item from PlayStation Studios, which debuted in two generations, so the specialists from Santa Monica Studio did their best to make sure the title looked and worked well on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

We didn’t have to wait long for God of War Ragnarok’s comprehensive technical analysis by the Digital Foundry team. At the beginning of the article, John Lineman referred to a statement from a Santa Monica studio developer who recently stated that Kratos’ Adventure was originally developed for PlayStation 4, and was later ported to PlayStation 5.

“My first observation is that Ragnarok is incredibly polished. The modeling is exceptional throughout the game, in every character and creativity, not just in the designs themselves, but the overall direction of the scenes and animation.”

The journalist appreciates the huge diversity of worlds in which each land has its own “visual flavour”. At the same time, he notes that compared to God of War from 2018, the creators have significantly improved the lighting:

First of all, the lighting in the game has been greatly rebuilt, especially when it comes to indirect lighting. Yes, it’s pre-calculated, but it better reflects the behavior of light.”

Linneman points out, among other things, an astonishing number of fine details, improved light reflections, and a snow deformation system. The latest production is a natural development of the game from 2018, which has received many visual improvements, and the specialist can directly compare several places and does not hide his joy:

“But how big is the upgrade really? This is where you enjoy. The team has obviously made improvements to the previous game on a visual level, but it seems like a natural progression. During your time with the game you will come back to visit certain locations from the last post, and this allows us to compare Right with the original 2018. First, Kratos’ house is a good starting point – since the introduction, the weather and time of day are a bit different, but I feel the lighting is a good improvement.In the sequel, his house is visually more impressive, with more subtle shades And a more specific scheme. Looking at the field in front of his house, the snow surface is more subtle and more trees appear in the background. However, there is no doubt that the game looks very familiar from a technological point of view – although certainly beautiful.

The Digital Foundry editor concluded that The intergenerational nature of production helps in some way… to:

However, the polygenic nature of the title has its advantages. More than any other game I’ve played this year, God of War: Ragnarök feels incredibly polished, even in its pre-release form. There are no jams, drag, or other quirks here. I have not encountered any bugs or visual glitch, and everything is polished to perfection. This may not be the height of technology, but the show is so beautifully produced and polished that it’s hard not to like it.”

The Digital Foundry team analyzed all the modes to suggest two more suitable solutions, taking into account the players’ equipment. At the same time, the article asserts that the authors may have tried to modify the link:

“So, with this information in mind, let me summarize what are the best ways to play PlayStation 5. If you have a modern high-end TV with 4K 120Hz support, I would suggest a high refresh rate mode. It seems to be the most responsive, and you lose very little in terms of quality. Overall picture and details Looks great If you don’t have a TV like this my suggestion is to stick with the 60Hz performance mode You’ll get a perfectly stable frame rate and great visual quality – it’s one of the most stable 60fps games I’ve seen on a console. “

“My main complaint is that the quality modes don’t offer as much exposure as I’d like. I feel there is a lot of room and this mode could benefit from something like ray-traced shadows which are very useful and fast in this class of AMD devices. However, in its current form, it is Difficult to recommend quality mode.”

God of War Ragnarok on PlayStation 5 loads 10 seconds faster than on PlayStation 4. However, players should be aware that this is a title created for PS4 and improved over the PS5 version:

“And that brings us back to the topic of interference – God of War: Ragnarök is undoubtedly a PlayStation 4 game that has received an improved PS5 version All in all, it works, but my feelings are a bit mixed. The advantages of this approach include an extremely high level of workmanship and refinement. I’m pretty sure that “From the Beginning for PS5 God of War” won’t deliver a fully locked 60fps, let alone the 80-90fps achievable in high performance mode. In a way, playing it on PS5 is like any other multiplatform game on your gaming PC. It’s the same experience but improved and that’s a good feature.

However, when analyzing the general structure of the game, I can’t help but think of other possibilities. I don’t want God of War to become an open world game, because there is a feeling that all the little animations and crawling spaces and tight pressure are slowing down the overall pace. Can creators expand world design if it’s an exclusive game? maybe yes maybe no. However, when it comes to the visuals, in my opinion, Ragnarok achieves an overall victory. Yes, the gaming experience is similar across all three consoles, but it’s still one of the best looking games on the market that takes advantage of the PS5’s capabilities. This is not a generational leap from the previous game, but a natural progression of what has been achieved before.”

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