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God of War Ragnarok is actually a “PS4 game”. The title does not use the full potential of the PS5

God of War Ragnarok is actually a "PS4 game".  The title does not use the full potential of the PS5

There’s still less and less time until the premiere of God of War Ragnarok, so the developers are sharing new flavors from the production of Kratos’ new adventure. Fans shouldn’t expect an entirely new quality of settings and drastic differences compared to the title from 2018, because PlayStation 4 has remained the studio’s most important platform.

We can move on to the final countdown. God of War Ragnarok will appear next week – Santa Monica Studio has finalized the first update, and players can now download the hub. Sony has not decided to make the game exclusively for the current generation, which has been repeatedly commented on by the PlayStation community. This topic was also addressed by Bruno Velasquez.

During a recent interview, the animation director admitted it Santa Monica Studio wanted to create the best possible PlayStation 4 version of God of War Ragnarok. Thus, the developers were not able to use the full potential of the PlayStation 5.

From the start, the team decided to expand the 2018 concept, including access to all nine kingdoms. However, the work was originally based on the PlayStation 4 version of production, which has been improved and refined in every aspect compared to God of War that debuted four years earlier. Only in the next step the adventure has been optimized especially for PlayStation 5.

In the current generation, users will experience a host of PS5-exclusive features – 3D sound, haptic vibrations, higher frames per second, and improved graphics – but we shouldn’t count on an entirely new experience.

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Santa Monica Studio’s goal was to create a “great PS4 game” and then a “PS5 enhanced version”. Players will experience a similar experience on two platforms.

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