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God of War Ragnarok – LeBron James, Ben Stiller and John Travolta in the game trailer

God of War Ragnarok - LeBron James, Ben Stiller and John Travolta in the game trailer

We’re just days away from one of the biggest – if not the biggest – prime ministers of the year. God of War Ragnarok It will debut on the market on November 9, so this is the last minute to convince hesitant people to buy the game. For this to be successful, it must be skillfully promoted. this is the reason Sony chose a somewhat unusual ad. Did you succeed? See for yourself (via PlayStation Blog).

The Japanese company invited the largest companies to the venue Movie and sports stars with your children. They were among these characters Ben Stiller, John Travolta, LeBron James. This is not a coincidence, because the parent-child relationship is the core of the previous story God of War It will also be important to follow up.

In the ad, we can see Ben Stiller disguised as KratosHe runs a therapeutic group for parents and their children. Sony’s lead marketer – Eric Lemple – says the material was created with embellishments worthy of the splashes introduced during the Super Bowl.

When we enter the market with a great title like God of War RagnarokIt’s a company-wide effort. It is a beloved brand that represents the PlayStation brand and has continued to impress millions of fans for years. When releasing the latest version, we wanted to apply an innovative approach that combines traditional and innovative solutions; Eric Lemple, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in an interview with EW.

It is worth noting that This is not the first announcement of this type of game. Some time ago at the same fun Material Strengthen God of War Ragnarok Shine cartoon characters Rick and Morty.

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As I mentioned at the beginning, Sony production will start on November 9th. The game – as an exclusive title – was created exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

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