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God of War Ragnarok looks great. Sony showed effective shots of production

God of War Ragnarok looks great.  Sony showed effective shots of production

During State of Play, we were able to follow the new trailer for God of War Ragnarok, from which Sony has extracted several interesting and amazing scenes. Additionally, let’s take a closer look at the revealed console.

The heroes of the upcoming Santa Monica Studio production will soon experience the next chapter in their story. During the PlayStation Night Show, we saw the story trailer for God of War Ragnarok, and Sony decided to pay close attention to some of the footage.

In the screenshots you can see how Atreus uses his bow, Kratos faces Thor and uses Tyr’s help. An important role in the story will be played by a great character – the son of Hymir, the god of war, combat and power, as well as honor, law and justice, realizes that the main protagonist of God of War is the slayer of the gods.

On the materials provided, we can also take a look at the stylized version of the DualSense controller The designers drew inspiration from the Scandinavian world of Midgard and combined icy white with indigo, and everything was decorated with a badge symbolizing the most important characters from the game on the touchpad. There are black function buttons on the panel, direction pad, analogs, catalysts and fenders.

The console appears to be quite accessible, and most likely fits the atmosphere of the latest production, but there may be gamers who love the board developed for the 2018 God of War premiere…

Also check out the official images of DualSense compared to DualShock 4:

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