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God’s hand is on Poland. Is it a declaration of the end of the world or perhaps a normal weather phenomenon?

God's hand is on Poland.  Is it a declaration of the end of the world or perhaps a normal weather phenomenon?

The photo was taken in Krzysz Wielkopolski And sharing it on social media made a great impression on users. 8000 responses, over 550 comments and over 730 posts. In the comments, we can read, among other things (original spelling) “awesome and terrible at the same time”, “like a hand scraping the ground!” , “Hand of God”, “Frightening to me..” or “It looks like a bear’s paw. It makes an impression” .

Some of them also posted photos or recordings of this unusual cloud in the comments. However, it must be admitted that this shot is the most impressive – the author managed to capture the cloud from this most interesting aspect. The rays of the sunset were also useful, as they fell on the cloud and increased the sinister impression.

All this indicates that It is an exceptionally interesting rack cloud, otherwise known as The Storm, which has appeared several times in articles on Geekweek. The characteristic wedge under the parent cloud is the so-called Arcus cloud or Arcus (Cb). arises as a result of Cold air descends on one side and warm air rises on the other.

Storm shaft It might herald very strong gale windsthat caused extensive damage, an example being the Masuria disaster in 2007, when at least 40 yachts and boats capsized and 12 people died. Then the wind speed exceeded 130 km / h.

For the same reason we see a face on the hill of Mars, Elephant shape in a rock Or a smiley/sad face in the colon and brackets. Science puts a term for this pareidolia, or the phenomenon of searching for known shapes in random objects. For this reason, I mentioned at the beginning that the falling light of the sunset and a particular shot are of great importance here. The other shots visible in the comments, while also impressive, are less distinct.

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From time to time in the media there is information about the “hand of God” in different parts of the world. In 2017, this phenomenon can be observed by the inhabitants of Teixeira de Freitas in eastern Brazil. Meteorologists soon explained that smoke from a nearby factory had formed correctly. Then it was also lit up by the setting sun.

In 2016, 30-year-old Louise Taylor took a photo with her iPhone of an unusual cloud in Scotland.

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