September 22, 2021

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Gold Cup 2021: Canada and the United States make progress

Gold Cup 2021: Canada and the United States make progress

The second series in Group B is behind us, where Canada and the United States have won consecutive games. The Canadians defeated Haiti by a large margin, while the hosts beat Martinique.

Group B

The Canadians, who won for the second time in a 4: 1 ratio, did not slow down. This time with Haiti, previously with Martinique. Coach John Hertmann’s players were in the lead five minutes later thanks to a goal from Stephen Eustacio, but the match was very balanced from the start. Nothing happened until the end of the first half, at some point when the pages changed – 2: 0.This time Kyle Larry entered the list of snipers. Five minutes later the Haitians contacted Maxim Cribio defeating Stephen Lambeys. A quarter of an hour before the last whistle, Lauren used a penalty kick – it was 3: 1. The last word belonged to the “maple leaf” team, i.e. Highlett, who beat Brian Sylvester … a penalty kick. This victory, of course, gave Canada the promotion to the 1/4 final of the Gold Cup 2021.

Haiti 1: 4 Canada

56 ‘Lampes – 5’ Eustachio, 51 ‘, 74’ (b.) Larin, 79 ‘(b.) Hoylet

After a modest victory over Haiti, the hosts of the tournament – the Americans defeated their rivals, the Martinique – this time. The “Yanks” were the favorites and they took the lead within a quarter of an hour after hitting Daryl Dyke. Within ten minutes it was – 2: 0, Samuel Kamil happily sending the ball to his own goal. After turning the pages, Miles Robinson and the Americans doubled their lead with another dice before the end of game time. In the 64th minute, their best player Emmanuel Rivier scored a penalty for the Martinique players. However, the shooting of this match is not over. Minutes later, Kiaசிi Sardes was elevated to 5: 1, with the final decision being made by Nicolas Gioachini in the final seconds. Thanks to this victory, the USA advanced to the Gold Cup 2021 quarterfinals.

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Martinique 1: 6 USA

64 ‘(left) Riviere – 14’, 59 ‘Dyke, 23’ (Saturday) Camille, 50 ‘Robinson, 70’ Jordes, 90 ‘Geoachini