September 21, 2021

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Gold Cup 2021: Starless American national team wins exciting match winner! [WIDEO]

Gold Cup 2021: Starless American national team wins exciting match winner! [WIDEO]

Miles Robinson scored in the 117th minute to give the United States a 1-0 victory over Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Kell’s Acosta took a free-kick, past Robinson Edson Alvarez and the ball passed to goalkeeper Alfredo Talaveri. Robinson, a 24-year-old defender who plays in the fourth season for Atlanta United for Major League Soccer, scored his third goal in nine internationals and his second.

The United States won its seventh gold trophy, beating Mexico in 15 matches since 2017. Interestingly – this is the Americans’ second win in seven finals against “El Tri”. Let’s add that Mexico has established its strongest group.

The North American team has won nine games in a row and 14 home games in a row.

Leading players will now return to their clubs in Europe when the United States begins to qualify for the World Cup in El Salvador on September 2. Mexico will play at home against Jamaica on the same day.

In front of a large Mexican pro-audience, El Tri had seven of the eleven players in the final of the League of Nations final that the United States won in June: defenders Luis Rodriguez, Naster Arrojo, Hector Moreno and Jes கல்லs Gallardo and midfielders Alvarez and Jes கொs Corro. New players include Talavera, midfielders Jonathan Dos Santos and Arbelin Pineta and forward Rogelio Funs Mori.

The U.S. team has nine players from Major League Soccer. Coach Greg Berhalder made four line-ups from the semi-final against Qatar, Canon for Shock Moore, Bello for Sam Wine, Williamson for Gianluca Fusio and Jarts for Daryl Dick.

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