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Good morning TVN. Andrzej Sołtysik asked Carol from “The Wedding…” about the mother-in-law’s reaction to the relationship with Laura: “SHAME!”

Good morning TVN.  Andrzej Sołtysik asked Carol from "The Wedding..." about the mother-in-law's reaction to the relationship with Laura: "SHAME!"

Link Carol and Laura from “The Wedding At First Sight” It was a big surprise for the fans. Although they were paired on the show with other partners, it turned out that, contrary to the recommendations of experts, after not successfully participating in the show, they united with a hot feeling.

Media attention to previous participants “Wedding at first sight” So it continues to this day, and their burgeoning relationship is clearly intriguing to netizens. So maybe that’s why Carol E. Laura Invited to a summer studio Good morning TVNWhere they shared how they are doing now. Unfortunately, their performance was overshadowed by a certain setback…

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During the interview, the former participants of the controversial show were questioned by Andrzej Sołtysik About their plans for the future and how their relatives reacted to their relationship. At some point, the journalist and “Expert” in the field of male beauty I decided to change the atmosphere a bit and Carol asked, What does his “future mother-in-law” think about it.


How do your parents interact with your relationship? Well, positive? – Soltysik asked.

Yes, we have friends and family by my side Charles replied.

Mother-in-law Carol? He asked, trying to be talkative.

Laura’s mother passed away – The former participant responded to “Wedding…” and the atmosphere became totally awkward.


Great, editor Sołtysik could only have prepared better for the interview, and the question about my mother was weak; Bravo Solcic. zero preparation of the topic; A great couple, and Sotsik, as usual, not ready, how could he ask Carol about his mother-in-law? Shame!; Mr. Sołtysik … complete embarrassment. Lack of tact in asking questions … If you are not ready and are not sure of your parents’ position, do not ask such questions … – Couple lovers roar.

Can he actually forgive himself?

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