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Good morning TVN. Bożena Dykiel blames depression on ‘the rich who want to rule us’: ‘They scare and lock us up’

Good morning TVN.  Bożena Dykiel blames depression on 'the rich who want to rule us': 'They scare and lock us up'

Corona virus epidemic It had an impact on our daily lives. Despite other methods of combating its effects, some still deny their effectiveness, and even the existence of the epidemic itself. However, experts note that the epidemiological situation in the world revealed something else, which is the human tendency to believe in theories of charlatanism and conspiracy.

Given the ramifications of the proliferation of pseudoscientific theories propagated by corona skeptics, it may be surprising that there is a platform for their dissemination through various media. Unexpectedly, she also joined the group of people who believe in a global conspiracy Bożena Dykiel. On Saturday, the actress was on the sofa Good morning TVNThe most surprising statements were made.

Dykiel was invited to the program because of her participation in the campaign “Gloom faces. I don’t judge. I accept.”Which deals with prevention in the fight against this dangerous disease. The more surprised viewers were when she said she was responsible for everything… Lithium deficiency. In addition, the actress – we remind you, the ambassador of the campaign against depression – advises: Just eat better and go for a run.

It is worth entering here No supplement, whether effective or not, can replace professional help and treatment. Unfortunately, the actress, only delving into clichés, showed a lack of understanding of the idea she was supposed to promote…


Then it was no better, because the conversation unexpectedly turned to a completely different path, which is the topic Global conspiracy and Covid statisticsWhich, according to the actress, is false. When asked if she herself had such problems, the actress blamed her depressed mood … Rich people who want to rule us. I finally got into a hype with the leaders, Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak I Ewa Drziga.

I would describe it this way: the past two years have been a global struggle with the people – with the rich who want to rule us. This is my conviction, because if we are intimidated and if we are constantly locked up, and believed, and not allowed to meet … the flu raged for many years and a lot of people died, even more from this epidemic. This epidemic is a camp for us She announced, clearly confident.

Influenza mortality was not high – Agnieszka rightly pointed out.

was, was Dekel replied.


No – The commander objected.

I read the numbers that show that more people died from the flu than from the epidemic The actress announced.

See also: World Suicide Prevention Day. The problem also affects children


May you rest, Mrs. Bożena. Why don’t you, why don’t you breathe your heart out? Drzyzga’s request.

Why didn’t you listen to the doctor’s instructions? Woźniak-Starak echoed it.

Do you want to kick me out? Help yourself! I’m to! Dekel burst out laughing unexpectedly, missing the point.

And the worst came in the end, because the actress decided to show everyone what she does to stay healthy. That’s why I quit… “Awesome glasses”which she put on her nose in the air. Then she eagerly announced a “tool” that was supposed to help her calm down. On top of that, his brand went live, and you know, you can’t do that in a lunchbox…


Dear, something like this helps me a lot. These are glasses [tu padła nazwa –]That’s where a small button is pressed here. A green light flashes, then bursts with more force and a red light of varying frequency appears … – She said with glasses above her eyes.

Then Agnieszka finally interrupted her speech and sarcastically announced the next part of the program.

In order not to lose touch with reality, let’s turn to Dagmara Kaczmarek-Szałkow and hear what is interesting in the information She said, suppressing her emotions. Drzyzga also had a rather uneasy face…

Do you expect a star to make such an offer?

Do Pudelek’s editors follow the stars and take pictures of them from behind the bush? You will find out in the last episode of Pudelek Podcast!

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