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Good online sales prospects for dermatological cosmetics – Zdrowie

Good online sales prospects for dermatological cosmetics - Zdrowie

Dermatological cosmetics are distributed online on the Polish market by online pharmacies and e-stores, including online pharmacies and perfume factories (,,, or commercial platforms. We expect that in 2021 the market for dermatological cosmetics in electronic stores will grow at twice the rate.

Recent years have brought about many changes in the online marketplace for cosmetics. The opening of electronic stores belonging to the largest market chains in the market. With the launch of Hebei Pharmacy Online in July 2019, all major cosmetic chains present on the Polish market are already in the online channel.

In turn, in 2020, the high growth of online trade in cosmetics was affected by the COVID-19 virus epidemic, which paralyzed the Polish retail industry from March to May 2020. Moreover, it should be expected that the Coronavirus will be a factor that would positively support the development of Long-term online cosmetic sales, too. Some consumers may be persuaded to buy online and stay with it.

Online cosmetics marketplace

Dermatological cosmetics are distributed online on the Polish market by online pharmacies. In January 2021, there were 251 active mail order pharmacies in the Official Pharmacy Registry. However, according to the analysis by PMR, there were 141 unique (the number from the registry also includes the same online pharmacy designated for many established pharmacies) and online pharmacies operating. L’Oreal ( or Oceanic / L’biotica ( or online perfume stores and pharmacies (,,, or trading platforms ( m .in also offers dermatological cosmetics.

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The online sales channel for dermatological cosmetics has very good prospects, and forecasts show a double-digit growth rate for its value in the years 2021-2024. On the forecast horizon until 2026, a slight slowdown in the positive dynamics of this channel is expected, which, among other things, will result in increased market saturation.

More information about the Polish dermatological cosmetics market can be found in the PMR report: “The Polish Dermatological Cosmetics Market 2021 ►

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