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Google announces a new product for Android Auto. Many drivers will love this button

Google announces a new product for Android Auto.  Many drivers will love this button

It looks like Google has been pretty involved in modding Android Auto for some time now, and the app has more and more options. Thus, it provides drivers with more than just corrections. There are two hot news this week.

Google reveals upcoming possibilities of Android Auto

The American giant is working hard on modifying Android Auto with new useful functions. Earlier this week, the much-anticipated dual SIM capability was introduced, and now Google has introduced a new button that many drivers will love.

This is the multimedia icon that just arrived at the bottom bar of the app. This is great news because tweaking Android Auto means the company understands the importance of app development and can do more From the corrections service for previous updates.

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There’s always a new button from Google right away and the company promises new products

The media selection icon is available at the bottom bar of the app. As Google reveals, drivers can touch it no matter what app they use on the screen.

The button was noticed at the beginning of the year, but so far Google has not disclosed its purpose and has not commented on this fact.
The icon suggests that it is used for media that you can listen to while driving, such as songs, news, or podcasts.

As Google itself reveals, the new feature is available to Android Auto users, but as it turns out, not all drivers can take advantage of it. This is most likely because it is a new feature. Therefore, it only takes a few days and should be available to all Android Auto users.

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American Giant DetectionIt works on more Android Auto features, including quick music search in multimedia apps. Which means another code has emerged that greatly simplifies the process.

“Soon you’ll be able to use your voice to find music faster in Android Auto’s multimedia apps. Just tap on the new search icon and name your favorite artist or song to hear it,” says Google.

Unfortunately, no details were provided in the ETA for this function. It appears to come with the beta version of Android Auto.

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