We witnessed an unforgettable event. Google, one of the most innovative American technology companies, is increasing its involvement in the Polish economy and community. On behalf of the United States, we express our deep satisfaction with the possibilities of deepening economic cooperation with Poland. The United States is a world leader in investing in Poland outside the European Union. This means that US companies have invested more than $ 60 billion here. Now, Google adds nearly $ 2 billion more to its cloud services, but the real weight of these services is beyond the value of money. US investments reflect our values. American companies and products are of the highest world quality. But not every country is true to such policies. When you go into business with a dictatorial regime like China, you have no idea what to expect. Our policies are generally known and based on open processes. And not theirs. We provide a free and open system created with a sense of transparency, openness, honesty and high regulatory standards– Google Cloud at the beginning of the Warsaw region, said Pix aliu Charge de Offices of the United States.