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Google Maps is under attack. I asked you to disappear

Google Maps is under attack.  I asked you to disappear

Is the success of Google Maps due to monopolistic practices, and the acquisition of Waze only cemented this trend?

Neither Google Maps nor Waze, which were acquired in 2013, the second of It belongs to Google Maps servicesThey are not the only ones on Android. On the contrary – we have alternatives in packages whether paid or free. The problem is in terms of popularity Neither of them can marginally threaten the two leaders. The question arises about the reasons for this trend, and according to lawyers representing the California marketing firm Big Dream Media Inc. The answer is simple. read: monopolistic practices.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, challenges both Google product policywhat or what Agreement to acquire Waze. Let us add that the latter was recently re-examined, which may have been of great importance to the present claim.

As claimed, 81 percent. The map services market, which currently belongs to Google, has been somehow taken over Contrary to the principles of fair competition. Google was supposed to offer its maps for free in order to take advantage of the data collected. Not only in the Google Maps application itself, but also across the entire ecosystem, that is, on YouTube or in the search engine. In the end, according to the lawyers of Big Dream, I forced programmers to use solutions of only one brand – Google.

At the same time, while Google Maps is free for consumers, the developers for the possibility to use their own API They have to pay now, and a lot of money. The data presented shows that since the acquisition of Waze in 2013 Prices have jumped 14 times.

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Google Maps disappears from new smartphones

Dream Big Media Inc. encourages other map developers who have been upset by Google’s actions to join the class action. intend to apply for compensation in the amount of Three times the losses incurred For each of them, as well as a court order to implement the mechanism Alternative optionswhich allows each user to easily select the default service application of this type. Just like now, following the rulings of CJEU, the browser is determined. There is no factory install on any device.

Of course, Google does not agree with this assessment and declares a struggle for its right. According to a company spokesman, citing Bloomberg Lu, the programmers Nobody forces you to do anythingThe high prestige of Mountain View products is directly due to their high quality.

Developers choose to use the Google Maps Platform from a variety of options because they have found that it provides useful and high-quality information (…) In addition to the Google Maps Platform, they can also use other map services for free – and many uses with them

– Google press office suspended in the United States.

It is not known if Google Maps will emerge victorious from this battle. But we know that This is not the first timeAlphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, will be put on trial for its mapping services. In January of this year, the company was sued by Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, who pointed out the ambiguous translations of Location data collection.

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In turn, the US Department of Justice is currently explaining whether there was abuse in the case of forcing the Google Assistant through it forced existence In the most common applications.

research: Google Maps under fire. OTP says better remove

Image source: Shutterstock (@Angie Yeoh)

Text source: Bloomberg, ed. king

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