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Google Play Store. Delete these four apps

Google Play Store is one of the safest places where we can download the app for Android devices. However, other programs are regularly discovered that are dangerous for smartphones and tablets.

Google Play Store is definitely a recommended place to download Android apps. Unfortunately, even in a theoretically safe store, you can find malware. Four other dangerous applications containing malware were recently discovered. I reported the case Malwarebytes Labs. It’s about four apps that Google Play users have downloaded over a million times.

Interestingly, even though the damages of these apps have been revealed, they are still available on the Play Store. The mobile application group is responsible for its creation. This developer program can still be scanned for files Google Play Profile.

Four malicious applications. Remove it immediately

Apps recommended by Malwarebytes Labs are used to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of downloads is large, since in many cases applications of this type can facilitate daily performance. Infected applications include:

  • automatic bluetooth connection,
  • Driver: Bluetooth, WiFi, USB,
  • bluetooth app sender,
  • Mobile transfer: smart key.

As we read in the information provided by Malwarebytes, the apps started working maliciously only after a few days. This is a common technique – if problems occur immediately after installing the program, users will quickly find out their cause.

Ad tabs in Chrome open even when the device is locked, making the malware authors use the resources of infected smartphones to the maximum. New tabs open regularly, which means that after a few hours the user may encounter too many tabs to be closed.

If you have any of the applications mentioned in the article installed on your smartphone, be sure to remove it immediately and look for an alternative. Obviously the mobile app group is a dishonest developer, it is worth avoiding the apps offered by this company.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at

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