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Gosia Baczyńska on celebrities who look ‘alike’: ‘No doctor would tell them to hold back?’

Gosia Baczyńska on celebrities who look 'alike': 'No doctor would tell them to hold back?'

for more than two decades Gosia Baczyńska He is considered one of the best Polish designers. The fashion maker wore the greatest Polish stars and not only: Marion Cotillard, Halle Berry or alone Duchess Kate.

because of his profession Baczyńska She is active in the business world, and many celebrities can be mentioned among her friends. She herself, however, is not particularly comfortable when “on the candlestick”, which is why she rarely allows herself Media emergencies.

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The designer agreed to make an exception for the correspondent of the magazine “Wprost”. In an honest conversation with Polina Sucha Yakubowska, the 57-year-old has opened up about the worst case caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Unpleasant consequences for business. Gucia admitted that the past two years had “pulled her terribly, terribly,” which had a strong effect on her. State of mind.

Yes, I am depressed so what? She asked. In any case, I do not hide it, talking about it today is nothing unusual. In fact, I think I have such an obligation. To say to a few people, or at least to one person, “It’s not bad, it’s happening, go to the doctor.” I am glad that awareness in the community has increased. I remember a few years ago, an actor said publicly that he was depressed, what a feeling it was…

Later in the conversation, Gossia was asked about the Polish version of the documentary series “Powerwoman”, of which she will be part. On this occasion, the artist went to the Cannes festival, where under the eyes of the cameras she wore Polish stars on the red carpet (Including Anna Lewandowska). Surprisingly, the designer frankly admitted that she was not particularly pleased with the premiere of the document, scheduled for presentation in the fall.

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I am afraid – I confessed. I was planning to be “skinny” and gained weight in the meantime. I’ll have a big problem to look at next. Besides, I really don’t like watching and listening. But who does he love? I know what you looked like at this Cannes Festival. I exhausted several weeks working on festival creations and a few other things, puffed up, and my mouth crossed… It’s getting worse. But it’s all in the head, we’re making a cuckoo.

The fashion innovator also raised the issue of the trend that recently more and more prominent women seem to be looking like clones.

I do not like this – She said. Do I have such clients? Probably not, although it does happen occasionally. I think to myself that many of these girls and women think that if someone is “unstable”, it means that they “don’t care about themselves”. This for them may be similar to the lack of four in the teeth (…) I know these people, I sometimes wonder if they look at their profile in the mirror and see what their lips look like from the side? No doctor would tell them they should slow down?

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I love that…

37 minutes ago

There was no such honesty! I did well!

Speaking well! Where did you get the idea that a one-belt woman is attractive?

Do you think that this is the fault of men because they like it, and if a person has an original beauty, then he spends in complexes?

Recent Comments (49)

They bear the consequences of their food choices.

Bravo Josiah Pashonska. You cannot buy wisdom with any money. You’re great!!!! And smart!!! You don’t have to be pretty!!! You already have it all

She envy them. Live and let a woman live.

Times like this character is killed to look like Barbie.

Suddenly, fat people start attacking everyone around them because it is in their element that there are more and more of them. Society is very neglectful of zero sports, only couch chips, sweets. This year, even young children at the seaside. But you know what it’s like, intelligence goes hand in hand with aesthetics. What’s going on in the head outside.

Now everyone thinks he’s cool because he’s critical of other people’s looks. Ms. Come on people.

Poodle, you are misusing the word PROMINENT. This is not like a celebrity, not even any famous person. This is a person who occupies an important position.

And no one told her she was overweight and she should brake hard, because if she ate A, she wouldn’t be overweight. The mirror is nothing, so show me the results for blood, cholesterol, etc.

Karma is back. She treated me a few years ago, I was kind and supportive, she said I blame myself, I am a victim of violence, a neurotic patient, after an accident, after neurosurgery and oncology, she probably has a complicated father, even a gift to improve her mood, I sent her out of admiration for my hand And she rejected me, and excused herself for lack of time. I have had concerns for more than 40 years. I feel sorry for her despite everything, I wish her good health.

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the customer …

14 minutes ago

Well, but as you can see in the pictures, I am glad to meet all these celebrities.


Let the lady make her unnecessary complexes!!!!

Very honest and wise words. She knows she doesn’t look like Miss Bologna, but she doesn’t have to. She is capable and uses the brain.

Mrs. Maguzia, the presented hairstyle does not suit you very much, the more styled the hair, the worse, sure some good hairdresser will make you a god

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