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Gotham Knights abandon PS4 and Xbox One. Finally, a new gameplay

Gotham Knights abandon PS4 and Xbox One.  Finally, a new gameplay
May 10 2022, 15:50

Gotham Knights will surpass the eighth generation of consoles and will be released exclusively on PC, PS5 and XSX/S. The game’s pre-sale has started today, and WB Games Montreal has finally released powerful gameplay from it.

If you are going to play Gotham Knights On PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, I bring you bad news. Starting today, you can place pre-orders for this production by WB Games Montreal – but Only for PC, PS5 and XSX/S versions. (prices start at 69.99 euros, or about 320 PLN). This means that developer and publisher Warner Bros. interactive entertainment – they put A cross on the eighth generation of consoles.

New gameplay – Nightwing and Red Hood in action

Well, you have to slowly get used to it – no one doubted that the PS4 and XOne would live forever. To wipe the tears of the owners of this equipment – or maybe the other way around? – Share the creators Several minutes of playing the game (less). You can see what its individual elements look like, including the collaboration of two of the title’s four characters – Nightwing and Red Hood. until scheduled in October 25 2022 the first show Gotham Knights We’ll be sure to see more picks – including Robin and Batgirl.

No micropayments and Gotham Knights pre-orders

relatively high price Gotham Knightswhich I referred to at the beginning of the letter, is probably dictated by the fact that in Game it won’t microtransactions (At least in the beginning – we’ll see later). It is also possible to adjust local prices according to market standards in force on individual platforms.

Gotham Knights abandon PS4 and Xbox One.  Finally, a new gameplay - Illustration #1


Anyway, for 69.99 euros (about 320 PLN) we will get The standard version of the game and the above skin for motorcycles. More expensive at 20 euros Deluxe Edition We can also find non-fiction DLC, consisting of several items, emotes and cosmetic items. A collector’s edition will also be available. Details of the individual editions can be found below.

Gotham Knights – Pricing and Pre-ordering Content

  • Standard Edition – 69.99 euros (about 320 PLN): skin toy 233 Kustom Batcycle;
  • Deluxe Edition – 89.99 euros (about 420 PLN): Game, 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin, Vision Package (“Knightwatch by Jim Lee” diversion), additional equipment, cosmetics, emotes, character skins inspired by the animated series batman next);
  • Collector’s Edition – 299 euros (about 1400 PLN): Contents Deluxe EditionAnd a character of four heroes Gotham Knights16-page brochure, City of Bridges map with ‘Collectibles’, Badge with ‘Augmented Reality’, Jim Lee’s Certificate of Authenticity.

Gotham Knights abandon PS4 and Xbox One.  Finally, a new gameplay - Illustration #2


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