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Grain holding. The United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine want to lift the ban on ships

Grain holding.  The United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine want to lift the ban on ships

The delegation of the Russian Federation reported this suspended indefinitely Your participation in the implementation Initiative activitiesincluding inspections ”- reported the JCC, which is responsible for overseeing the contract Ukrainian grain exports.

Earlier on Sunday The United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine agreed to the plan Unlock 14 shipslocated in Turkish waters. This happened a day after Russia suspended its participation in the Grain Day Initiative black seaAnd allow the export of foodstuffs from Ukrainian ports, as reported by Reuters.

On Saturday, Moscow announced that By suspending its participation in the grain contract In connection with the “alleged terrorist attack on ships”. Black Sea Fleet Civilian ships participating in the protection grain aisleThis was said by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky Russia is exacerbating the food crisis Already from September, blocking the movement of ships carrying Ukrainian agricultural products.

Agreements on the liberalization of grain exports from Ukrainian ports across the Black Sea and Turkish Straits It was signed on July 22 in Istanbul by representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations. The agreement was concluded for a period of 120 days – until November 19 – with the possibility of extension.

lock export It was the result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Battles continued between the IDF and the aggressor in eastern Ukraine. Zelensky said, on Sunday evening, that the government forces in Kyiv They repelled the “vicious attack” of the Russians in the region.

As he said, the Ukrainian “exchange fund” was replenished, which means that Russian soldiers were captured. The fiercest fighting took place in the Donetsk region around the cities of Bakhmut and Avdiivka.


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