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Grbi introduced the Poles to America. An epic fight awaits the main player

Grbi introduced the Poles to America.  An epic fight awaits the main player

Polish Volleyball players enter the most important stage of the home world championship. Toughest match so far: Quarter-final against USA. Although they once defeated the Americans at the end of the group stage – with a score of 3: 1, everyone knows that this time the Poles may be waiting for a longer and more demanding competition.

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Poles in World Cup quarter-finals. They have to eliminate their favorites from the competition. “A match to remember for years to come”

“We’re thinking in the quarterfinals.” But the Polish volleyball players of Tunisia did not ignore it

Coach Nikola Grbić’s men progressed to the quarter-finals with a win over Tunisia. It happened without major problems: they won in three sets, 20, 15 and 20. – It was in full control in the course of the crowd with a small distraction in the third set, but we quickly gave it up – he later judged. match Poland’s quarterback Marcin Janus.

Closer to the biggest excitement of the Volleyball World Cup. The French were one step out

– We are already thinking about the quarter-finals, but we will remember every game we play here for a very long time. Not that we should forget it, because now we have something important. You had to focus to win against Tunisia. Although I don’t know exactly what happened in that game, Turkey showed that these teams are capable of reaching the highest level. However, it definitely made us realize that we need to be extra careful. We are favorites, but everything must be confirmed on the pitch – the volleyball player refers to the 1/8 match in the final, in which Turkey stood against the Americans and lost after a tough match with a score of 2: 3.

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At the start of the knockout stage, the Poles changed the Spotek arena in Katowice to the Arena Kliwis, but according to Janus, this did not cause confusion or force the players to adapt to the facility for a long time. – The change of hall did not bring anything new. Atmosphere is great, atmosphere carries us. However, we are more focused on playing than what is happening around us. Of course, it was a bit different in Gliwice and of course some training we did earlier helped, but everyone changes this hall and we have to be ready to do our best. It was good against Tunisia – pointed out the player of Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Janus’ epic fight in the quarterfinals. He’s not trying to emulate a big competitor

Janus is looking forward to an epic battle at his position in the upcoming match against the USA in the quarterfinals. One of the best fighters in the world, Micah Christensen, will be pitted against you. – The fight with Christensen is a big challenge for me. As a whole team it will be difficult to play against a team like USA. Then out game And training is given to go out and play against such volleyball players. However, the position of playmaker is very specific, with each great player having a different style and characteristics of play. So, I didn’t see it, I didn’t try to follow it, Marcin Janus expressed.

Christensen did not play in the group match against Poland and his absence was a major weakness for the Americans. The quarter-final was already played against Turkey. – Even if Micah doesn’t play, the coach made us realize that America is still a great team. After all, he did Joshua Tuanic is also capable of playing at the highest level. There is no use in paying attention to such things, because if we think about some personal things, they will soon enter the field and win with us, so I do not take it into account – Janus assured.

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Nikola Grbić, Kamil Semeniuk, Poland - Bulgaria, Volleyball World ChampionshipThe Poles have three World Cup finals. Grbić wanted the USA to win 3-0

Will serve be key to reaching the semi-finals? “Continuity is important here”

What was the main reason for the victory against the US? It is not difficult to identify an advantage in the service sector as a first impression. – We played well against Tunisia and we managed to knock them out of the net. Continuity is key here because I think we’re confident in this element. And in today’s volleyball matches with the biggest rivals, service will always play an important role. Without this, with the Americans or a team like ours, it would be impossible to win, so there would be a lot at stake on both sides. They are very nice. When they get the ball right, they are unstoppable and play very patiently with more balls. They have many advantages, but we have everything to win with them – said Janusz, a key player in the puzzle of Nikola Grbyk’s coach.

– I hope we have already shown in this competition that we can reach this very high level. Americans are having a bit of trouble right now, but it’s not worth watching. They are still a classy team with many great volleyball players. The meeting we won with them in the group doesn’t make sense now. We proved that we can beat the best and win, but this will not change in the quarter-finals. They will want to pay back and we will have a good continuity. And in the end it all comes down to volleyball – explained Dhruva.

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Ukraine, Volleyball World Championship, VolleyballThe history of Ukrainian conquest is hard to believe. “In the morning they heard news from the country.”

Long break before the most important game – good or bad? Janus didn’t want to think about it

The Poles have a long gap until the quarter-finals with the Americans – they have two full days left, but they have four days in total. – We will prepare tactically for the meeting, we will carefully analyze what they have done before and what they usually do. We still have some exercises to do. Do breaks help or hinder us? In general we play often and now some people say it is good. Others say it’s better to have a beat now than to wait until now. The break is very useful, but we think the day can be played earlier. However, we don’t want to focus on how the tournament schedule looks like because each team is very similar. We are playing, it is not time to think about what is around, but about playing – succinctly said Marcin Janusz.

Kickoff for the Poland-USA quarterfinal is scheduled for Thursday, September 8 at 9 p.m. Earlier, at 5:30 PM, the winners of Serbia vs Argentina and Brazil vs Iran clashed. Tuesday will be held at the Arena Clewis. Live coverage on and LIVE app.

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