October 23, 2021

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Great Britain: Bears ran out and attacked the boar.  They were shot

Great Britain: Bears ran out and attacked the boar. They were shot

Two brown bears emerged from a zoo near Lawton in eastern England from their barns and attacked a wild boar living nearby. Aggressive animals were shot by zoo employees. “There was a risk that they would enter the area that the visitors could access” – explains the administration.

The accident happened on Friday at the Whipsnade Zoo in South Bedfordshire, which is the largest zoo in the UK. Two bears named Snow White and the Sleeping Queen walked across a tree that had fallen into a wild boar barn, then attacked and wounded one of the animals. Due to the low fencing in the wild boar pen, there was a risk of bears leaving the area open to the public, thus putting people at risk. Hence, a decision was made to shoot them.

Since brown bears are powerful and dangerous predators, safety is our priority. Zoo Director Malcolm Fitzpatrick said, we need to make quick decisions based on our experience and knowledge to protect our people, our visitors, and our other animals.

He explained that sedatives will not be a solution because they will start working within 20 minutes at the earliest and the animals may become unpredictable and aggressive during this time. “We had to intervene immediately to ensure that the bears did not come out of the low-fenced pig pen,” he added.

There was another female in the bear’s pen, Cindarella, but she stayed in it, preventing her from sharing the fate of her two companions.