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Great Britain. The Thames is draining. The source has traveled eight kilometers

Great Britain.  The Thames is draining.  The source has traveled eight kilometers

British media alarming The Thames, the second longest river in Britain, has dried up And shortened to a few kilometers. The springs of the River Thames are located in the Cotswolds, at an altitude of 330 meters above sea level in the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

British media published disturbing images taken near Somerford Keynes near the town of Cirencester in the Cotswold county of Gloucestershire, which showed You can see the bed of the Thames, several meters wide, completely devoid of water. Instead of the usual large flow here, which marks the beginning of the Thames, there was a dry, stone-strewn bottom. Here and there, especially under the small bridges, only small pools of water remained.

River experts are amazed and They claim that this was the first time they had encountered such a situation – Reports the newspaper “The Guardian” daily.

CNN quotes experts from the Rivers Trust, an organization working in Great Britain and Ireland, saying that Due to drought, the beginning of the river turned eight kilometers down. So the river was cut off from its springs up to the village of Somerford Keynes, below which “the flow is weak and hardly discernible”.

“What we see upstream of the Thames is emblematic of the situation we are facing across the country now and will be in the future,” Rivers Trust spokeswoman Christine Colvin said in a statement. As I mentioned Droughts are now a serious threat to rivers and the ecosystem.

Rob Collins, Director of Research at Rivers Trust, added that The frequency and severity of droughts will increase in the future.

Southern England reported – according to the media – The driest July since 1836. Meteorologists say 17 percent have been there. Rainfall. Met Office statistics showed that July of that year was the driest July for England since 1935. In the east, southeast and south of England, according to the same source, last month was the driest July in history. At the time, the average for the entire country was just 35 percent. Precipitation, which means about 23 mm of precipitation.

in the UK Watering bans are being introduced in more and more localities. At the same time, meteorologists from the Met Office warn that the heat wave is not over yet. And although the sun’s temperature drops in August, the situation will not improve much – in their opinion -.

One of the most famous Polish rivers has dried up. scary pictures

According to experts, it is also not clear When, on the eight-kilometer stretch of the Thames, at its source, the water begins to flow again.

The British Center for Ecology and Hydrology reported how Much of the country is threatened by drought.

East Anglia and Kent ranked most in the ‘extreme drought’ categoryAnd Devon, for example, is rated “very dry.”

Cornwall, central England, north Wales, eastern Scotland and parts of the northeast have been ‘fairly dry’ for six months, but experts say This may change if rainfall continues below average intensity.

grows more and more Concern about drinking water resources, incl. in London. Especially since water company Thames Water has announced the closure of a massive seawater desalination plant in Becton, east London due to a malfunction that can be removed as soon as possible…early next year.

The factory was built in 2010 for 250 million pounds sterling, To produce up to 100 million liters of fresh drinking water And hygiene purposes in case of drought. The company only announced that it is currently repairing faults and preparing the factory, which was inaugurated 12 years ago, for its reopening.

Instead of supplying up to a million people with water, The useless factory is struggling with failure – confirmed by the British media And when it’s needed most.

Italy: the worst drought in 70 years. The Po River dries up

The water company Thames Water has also faced criticism about this It has not yet imposed a ban on the use of garden hoses And watering gardens.

instead of this The water supplier asks you to use tap water carefully, for example. Turn off the taps while you brush your teeth.

This week, another South East Water company announced that they are counties Kent and Sussex will be banned from watering in Khartoum From August 12 until further notice. There will be a £1,000 fine for breaching the ban. Last week, another water supplier – Southern Water – announced that Hampshire and the Isle of Wight would be subject to similar restrictions from Friday, according to The Guardian.

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