September 21, 2021

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Great Britain.  Two teens guilty of murdering a friend.  Nappa was supposed to be "punishment for informing" |  News from the world

Great Britain. Two teens guilty of murdering a friend. Nappa was supposed to be “punishment for informing” | News from the world

Oliver Stevens, 13, in Reading, Berkshire, Great Britain On January 3 this year, he was fatally stabbed to the chest and back. His older friend lured him to Bugs Bottom Fields, near his home. After arriving at the place she indicated, Ollie was attacked by two teenagers armed with knives.

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Attorney General Allison Morgan said in court that Ole had no idea he was in any danger. – It was an ambush. She said a planned attack put him in a vulnerable position.

I found the boy’s body NurseWho was walking near the scene with dog. The woman tried to revive the 13-year-old girl, but to no avail. The boy died instantly.

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The murder of a thirteen-year-old boy. “I hate that kid with all my heart”

Before the tragedy, the two boys who killed Oliver made fun of another teen on social media. Ole had to act and tell the boy’s brother, who had fallen victim to their insults, everything. Then the tormentors decided that Oliver should be punished for informing him.

Three teenagers exchanged messages with each other on Snapchat, their content was quoted “Watchman”. One of the boys wrote before the murder: “I hate this child with all my heart – if I saw him now I would probably kill him or something.” In turn, the girl accompanying the attackers wrote that Oliver deserved what they promised him. “This is karma,” said the 14-year-old. “He deserves it all.”

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The court declared that the perpetrators the kill They tried to get rid of evidence: There was one message they wrote to each other on Snapchat in which one of the boys rated Ollie’s murder as “the biggest mistake of his life”. But the court found that the content of the remaining letters mentioned by the teenagers suggested that they showed no regret or shock after what happened.

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The girl, like her classmates, admitted it the kill. She will be charged with them at a later time. Due to their young age, the personal data of the three perpetrators was not made public. It has not yet been announced when the verdict will be issued in this case.

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The family of the murdered boy: the killers broke the heart of the whole family

As mentioned BBCThe victim’s family made a statement in which they largely described the loss of their initial death. “On that fateful afternoon, he left our home with love, optimism and hope for a bright and happy future in his heart. Within just 13 minutes of leaving his safe and loving home, Ole was gone forever. It took two minutes to kill him and break his heart. All his family.” They stated that Ole was “warm, sympathetic, passionate, clear-minded, and caring for loved ones”.

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