September 23, 2021

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Great Britain.  What is the unemployment rate?  How many job offers?  What does the job market look like after Brexit?

Great Britain. What is the unemployment rate? How many job offers? What does the job market look like after Brexit?

There are more and more vacancies in Great Britain. In the period from May to July, their number reached the highest level in history – 953,000. In turn, the unemployment rate in the UK fell to 4.7 percent, the British Statistics Office reported.

UK Vacancies – Number of Vacancies

The number of jobs offered between May and July reached 290,000. higher compared to February-April, as well as by 168 thousand. higher than in the last quarter before the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, one month of estimated data indicates that the number of job vacancies in July exceeded one million for the first time in history.

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The growing number of vacancies confirms reports from the labor market that companies are facing more and more problems in finding employees and must offer bonuses for filling vacancies. This is especially true for the catering, hotel and freight transport sectors.

Unemployment in the UK is declining

Other statistics provided by the National Statistics Office also indicate an increasing improvement in the labor market situation. The number of employees increased by 182,000 between June and July. It reached 28.9 million in July. Still about 201 thousand. Less than before the pandemic began, but the vast majority of the losses caused by the pandemic have already been recovered. The unemployment rate also fell again – in the May-July period it was 4.7%, while it was 4.8% between April and June.

The labor market continues to show a strong recovery from the effects of the pandemic. The number of working people has risen sharply again and has increased by more than half a million in the past three months, said Jonathan Atto, deputy chief statistician at the Office for National Statistics, and about four-fifths of the drop seen at the start of the pandemic has recovered. .

He stressed that there are no indications that companies will cut employment before the end of September, as the salary support program for employees who were sent on compulsory leave due to the epidemic prevented them from carrying out normal activities.

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