July 27, 2021

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Great Britain without US Ambassador. Johnson does not like Obama

According to a British newspaper, the Biden administration has unofficially studied what London’s reaction would be if Obama was actually nominated, but the British Prime Minister did not agree. It is absolutely true that the government personally opposed the appointment of Obama. A senior government official told The Sunday Express that this was the reason for the delay (in the appointment).

There is no US ambassador to the UK yet

Although Johnson and Biden confirmed the existence of “special relations” between the two countries during the G7 summit in Cornwall in June, the new US president, contrary to expectations, has not yet nominated a new ambassador to Great Britain, as indicated by the British media, which will not happen this year.

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If the information about Obama is true, the Sunday Express writes that opposing the US-proposed diplomatic candidacy is the first known case of the British government. He warned that Johnson’s relationship with Obama had been bad since he spoke out against Brexit in 2016, and that if the UK left the EU, it would end the line of countries signing a trade agreement with the United States. The Sunday Express calls for unprecedented US intervention in Britain’s internal affairs.

“Obama is unacceptable”

– Obama is unacceptable. Suffice it to say that mere comment on the outcome of this tax is unacceptable – says another government source quoted in the newspaper. The Sunday Express added that Johnson later wrote in a newspaper article that Obama’s reluctance to travel to the UK may have been due to the fact that his father was from Kenya, a British colony, and that point did not help the relationship between the two politicians.

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A spokesman for the British Foreign Office said in a statement on Sunday that “the decision on who will be nominated for the post of US ambassador is up to US officials. The media also point out that it is very rare for the head of state of any country to accept the post of ambassador after the end of his term.

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