July 28, 2021

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Great heat in the United States.  The power grid failed and the motor path was closed due to cracking

Great heat in the United States. The power grid failed and the motor path was closed due to cracking

Temperature records were set for three consecutive days in Oregon and Washington. The warmest were in Seattle on Monday, where thermometers showed 42 degrees Celsius and in Portland – 46 degrees. In Portland, it was not too cold on Sunday – it was recorded at 45 degrees Celsius – he reports. USA Today. In June, the average temperature there is 21 to 23 degrees, and many residents do not have air conditioning in their homes. The heat wave is “unprecedented”, he points out CNN And points out that July is more than just residents, which is by far the hottest month of the year in many places.

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Power grid failure, motor path closed

Due to the heat waves, air-conditioned refrigeration centers were opened for residents throughout the area, some of which have sleeping mattresses. In Portland, trams and electric rail traffic were halted. The power grid has failed in some places due to a significant increase in power consumption by air conditioners and fans. High temperature transport services were forced to close the I-5 motorway due to cracks in the pavement. Classes in schools and universities were canceled.

Authorities also said he had been hospitalized due to the impact of the sun and high temperatures. The number of people drowning is also higher than usual as many seek refreshment in bodies of water. Doctors stress that the temperatures currently facing residents of the northwestern states, especially in the absence of extreme cold at night, are life-threatening.

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Experts urge you to avoid strenuous exercise Washing Outside, drink plenty of water and stay in air-conditioned rooms, he says United States Today, it also emphasizes that you need to pay attention to how your loved ones cope with the heat. “Children and animals should not go unnoticed in vehicles under any circumstances” – points out the portal.

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The heat wave, which spread to parts of the Canadian province of British Columbia, was caused by a high pressure system. This phenomenon is exacerbated by prolonged drought – under normal conditions, water absorbs heat.

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