September 21, 2021

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Greece: Kostis seal is dead.  The animal was killed by an unknown

Greece: Kostis seal is dead. The animal was killed by an unknown

Costis became famous in 2018 when he was a young child, who was saved by a fisherman named Costis during a storm. The seal was lifted and transported to the Alonissos Marine National Park in North Sporades.

The seal became a symbol and amulet of the sanctuary. Unfortunately, someone shot Kostas with an underwater crossbow, despite the fact that the monks of the Mediterranean are under strict protection in Greece. Less than 700 individuals of this species live in the waters around Greece.

The Greek Sisters Research and Conservation Society, a non-governmental, non-profit group working to protect endangered species, concluded that Kostis was intentionally killed. The organization presented a prize of 18 thousand. Euro for information on the event.

Association President Panagiotis Dendrinos reported that “the seal’s body was pierced by a bayonet over a meter long and appeared to have been launched from above, possibly from the deck of a boat.” In his opinion, “it is highly unlikely that it was an accident.” – Everything indicates that it was done on purpose. He told Reuters that the way the weapon was used speaks volumes about this.

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