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Greenica Vitamin: We have formal counter-claims against the American consumer

Greenica Vitamin: We have formal counter-claims against the American consumer

The status of a relationship with a U.S. contractor represented by a law firm cannot be called a claim. We determine it’s a negotiation procedure, and the amount quoted by the customer – originally USD 15 million and now USD 36 million, has not met any facts and has not been proven – Tomasz Kułakowski, spokeswoman for Krynica Vitamin SA, tells us.

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  • Data: 07-12-2021, 19:20

Grinica Vitamin SA spokesman Tomas Kulakovsky in a dispute with a US contractor

As Tomasz Kułakowski assured us, negotiations with the contractor are set to take place this week.

As already announced, Crinica Vitamin, a U.S. contractor the company has been cooperating with since the beginning of 2021, claims to have suffered at least $ 15 million in damage. Distribution of defective product packages – Leaking aluminum cans and tearing cardboard packs. In addition, Krynica announced that it received the vitamin on December 7, that is, before the scheduled negotiation meetings, from the contractor’s attorney. Information that the amount of claims is increasing to approximately USD 36 million.

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Greenica Vitamin – Claim of an American contractor

– Requests made in our client’s letters are verified by experts. We need to determine what caused the reported problem, regardless of the contractor’s expectations, and it is in our interest to explain exactly what happened, regardless of the liability we do not realize at this point. This is what we need for reliability and the highest standards we use. We have numerous quality certifications recognized by the world’s largest retail chains, and such comments can not be left without explanation – comments Tomas Kulakovsky.

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Vitamin Krynica – Defective Cans?

He added that the company had informed the insurer about the case and had complained to the can manufacturers about the production line for the US contractor. Until the situation is clarified, Greenica will not deliver the vitamin to the contractor, or execute orders on his behalf.

– Krynica Vitamin, among other things, has legitimate counter-claims against the customer regarding the cost of production and purchase of missed drinks, as well as raw materials and packaging. However, a company spokesman said that due to the forthcoming negotiations and their nature and the current investigation, we could not disclose the exact substance and extent of the counter-claims.

He says both Grinica Vitamin and his client have announced their intention to resolve the dispute first through negotiations in good faith and to reach an agreement without resorting to formal dispute. To this end, both parties are conducting their own investigations and are in constant contact.

– We will let you know if there are breakthrough results, said Kulakovsky.

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