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Grzegorz Markowski: Overwhelmed by the exciting news from his daughter’s home. Patricia Markowska is in bad shape

Grzegorz Markowski: Overwhelmed by the exciting news from his daughter's home.  Patricia Markowska is in bad shape

Patricia Markowska and Jacek Kupczynski They have been in a relationship for nearly fifteen years. They had a common son, Philip, who is their whole world. They also tried to deal with the problems that had accumulated in recent months.

It was no secret that crises consumed their relationship. Markowska herself spoke about it (Listen!), who admitted in an interview with Krzysztof Ibisz that at some point they decided to Go to a specialist for help.

She said, “We went to therapy. She taught me that when something goes wrong, I don’t have to crush myself for it. Even if I make a mistake, my world won’t collapse.”

At first, he wrote that the treatment helped. However, the happiness did not last long. Last summer, the couple broke up again. Returning from the sea, they made a decision about the last parting.

“In recent months, Patrija and Jatsk have begun to move away from each other. And it was not helpful to try to salvage the malaise during sessions with the therapist. It was too late” – we read in “Na Yi”.

Singer in conversation with Bombonic She did not want to talk about the separation, but she did not deny what was reported in the media, adding that she “cries sometimes in the pillow.”

“This is not the place to talk about it. (…) I try to arrange everything internally in such a way that it strikes a balance, but sometimes I cry in the pillow. I think I’m like all of us, I have roles, bad days, but I also have a son and I have to be strong for him. … I’d rather dig this in the bud than let me get away with it “- she admitted to us.

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Weekly “Na Żywo” reported that Now Patrycja’s biggest support is her beloved father. They began to see each other more often – talking to my father gives comfort in these difficult times.

Markovsky himself is deeply depressed by the turmoil in his daughter’s life. The perfectionist loves his “brother-in-law” and for years was convinced that he was “the only one” for Patricia.

After his retirement, Gwiazdor now has a lot of free time, which he now fully dedicates to Patrycja to make it happen. He has restored the balance shaken by recent events.”

“I observe reality from the side. Without interfering with it … My daughter and granddaughter come to us once a week. I like weekends with them. It is noisy and different after that. You can stop at the most important thing in life, in the family “- says the rock band” live.”

However, Mr. Grzegorz appears to be reconciled to the fact that his child will not return to his son’s father. Hope Patricia closes this chapter quickly in her life…

“She hopes her daughter will deal with her grief and begin to rearrange her life,” we read in the weekly newspaper.

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Markowska’s relationship saved by therapy?

These were not rumors about Markuska’s son. “We have a problem”

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