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GTA 5 Next Generation No Transphobia Jokes

GTA 5 Next Generation No Transphobia Jokes
April 15, 2022, 3:01 pm

Rockstar Games has sparked a flurry of discussions about the future of the entire GTA series. It did so by removing characters who were deemed politically incorrect.

Next Generation Edition GTA 5 It has undergone changes not only in terms of optimization and graphics. Like Notes Kristi Cloud, Supervisor Jeanette And GTAForumsAnd In the new version of the game, you will not find the special group of NPCs that have gathered so far in the Cockatoos Bar.

GTA 5 for the following genes without mutant jokes - Illustration #1

The controversial characters discussed here are caricatures of the Queen, depicted as men dressed in feminine clothing.

GTA 5 for the following genes without mutant jokes - Illustration #2

That was also problematic though In the game, the group is signed as the drag queen, in the game files you can find the term transvestitewhich is currently considered offensive to transgender people.

In addition, it was discovered that the artwork in the corridor that displays a statue with “replaceable genitals” has also been removed.

GTA 5 for the following genes without mutant jokes - Illustration 3

Respond to the appeal?

The topic of jokes on the background of determining gender in GTA 5 It has been an element of online discourse for years. One of its most important elements was the presence of an article that appeared on the portal Kotaku last year. We mean the text with the title The new GTA V of 2022 should abandon the transphobia of 2013. Carolyn Petty, the author of the script, urges you to let go of bad jokes when the game is re-released.

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This article is inspired by open letter Addressed to rock gamesCreated by out of making games – Affiliate game developers from Great Britain belonging to the LGBT+ group. They, too, emphasized the consequences of anti-transgender jokes.

Netizens say these public statements of disapproval may have contributed to the final decision.

Between freedom of speech and respect

This decision turned out to be more important than it might seem. Many fans are beginning to express their concerns about the future of the series, which is known for its politically incorrect sense of humor.

If (creators) are preoccupied with such nonsense, does anyone believe it? GTA 6 Will it be as described? no. I expect it will be the worst game in the series – user comments Lucacos First Touch at the gate Newjav.

Does this mean that GTA 6 Should I care less? Can Rockstar still tell jokes? – Adds another NeoGaf portal user, sol_bad.

For many, the change is a sign of fear of offending some recipients, which will have a negative impact on the following parts of the chain. For many, this act is a form of censorship and an act of political correctness that will never stop harvesting. The_Mike user jokes in the same discussion on the NeoGaf portal:

I have sockets thanks to which I know what the new version of the game will look like, which will not offend anyone:

However, it seems even proponents of the idea of ​​respecting transgender people GT Not completely satisfied with this decision.

I would not congratulate them for removing something that, above all, should never appear, after a decade of regular updates – Javier23 notes in a discussion on the portal Resetera.

However, some people agree with the decision, however predictable, and celebrate the victory of respecting people, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity.

Well done, Rockstar. Better late than never – says Bansai user on the Resetera portal.

Is it an act of censorship and institutional fear of politically incorrect jokes, or a new door that will allow the series to open up to the endless possibilities that humor offers us, without having to offend minorities?

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