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GTA 6 with a female heroine? Great, but only if the game is impolite and offends us

GTA 6 with a female heroine?  Great, but only if the game is impolite and offends us

One of the biggest leaks in gaming industry history happened last weekend. Dozens of materials showing different mechanics of the game, as well as something about the characters and the plot itself, have been released on the network. We’ve collected all the most important information about the leaks, right here. However, today I will focus on the main character and why Rockstar Games should not keep pace with the times, and therefore not respect their series.

The main characters in GTA 6 will be Lucia (played by Alexandra Cristina Echavarri) and Jason. By her charisma and consistency, she’s supposed to resemble the American couple Bonnie and ClydeThat made so much blood miserable for so many western policemen. However, it has not been confirmed whether they would have had an affair during the plot, or whether we would have to deal with the battered siblings who would seek revenge against some of the people responsible for their parents’ deaths. At one time, it was said that such a scenario was predicted by Rockstar Games for the next installment of the gangster series.

The female heroine in GTA 6 will change everything?

The female heroine of the GTA brand is a big novelty, because we have never had the opportunity to play the hero in Grand Theft Auto, not to mention, of course, the avatars created in GTA Online and GTA from 1997, which hardly anyone remembers. Behind this “innovation” there are certainly many ideas that have been born in the minds of developers in recent years. Some have already been buried, others have been transferred from paper to computer screens. However, I am afraid that Lucia will become a character, thanks to which it will be easy to explain the “polite” in GTA 6 to the creators.

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But why would I suppose from above that the “six” would be more accessible and wouldn’t tackle topics as brutally taboo as previous editions of the series? Or not – Jason Schreier has already confirmed in his talks with developers at Rockstar Games that the game will not “attack marginalized groups” to meet current standards. In the same report, the journalist revealed important information about the heroes, place and time of the event, which was confirmed a few days ago. It can be assumed that he is right on this as well.

The second point overlaps somewhat with the anonymous statements of the designers of Rockstar Games. Nowadays, it is very difficult – and certainly in such a huge game that it will be buzzing for 10 or 20 years – to find a golden medium for black humor. When words were spoken left and right in GTA 5 to insult social minorities, I can’t imagine that during additional missions or activities in GTA 6 we would have to make fun of black people or obese people. A few years ago, it was understood, after all, that these elements took root in the brand and everyone who wanted to see another Grand Theft Auto would have to realize that some elements may tackle difficult topics that we don’t necessarily have to agree on. today? Each production must show everyone’s approval, otherwise it will be taken up on YouTube or Twitter. It just shows how the world has changed over the past 3/4 years – mainly under pressure from the West.

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Developers are under pressure from the publisher and… the community

GTA 5 loading screen

Returning to the essence of the matter, Lucia, in my opinion, is a bargaining chip, thanks to which it will be easier to explain not to enter into topics that will never please everyone. Playing the female heroine, in my opinion, it is much easier to say that this character did not have a heart that mocked obesity or looking at the other side of the barrier – anorexia. A similar scenario can be linked to various ethnic and national minorities.

I am deeply sorry, however, I think GTA 6 will be a perfect example of killing the artistic freedom of the creators. Developers have to decide whether or not they want to play a controversial card and stand out from the audience in a particular thread, not the community. Today, however, it is Twitter, and more precisely the people who make the hype about it, often complete bullshit, that sets the standards that video game designers want, or, at the publisher’s order, have to adhere to, in order to be able to. Don’t be overpowered. This is just unhealthy extra stress.

So will GTA 6 offend us? Despite the above, not optimistic, considerations, I believe that during the match there will be moments when we encounter the bland jokes that characterize the series, brutality or prostitution. But does that mean the game won’t be polished? Absolutely not – in my opinion, the “six” would be the quietest version of the brand, without themes that will never please everyone. We already had a preview of this in GTA 5 in the next version, where, for example, clothes intended to make fun of transvestites or stickers with naked women were removed, so the “starter pack” for each workshop in Poland. Where did this satire go, I ask?

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