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» GTA code theft. Rockstar hacked – –

» GTA code theft.  Rockstar hacked - -

Someone using the alias “teapotuberhacker” broke into the servers of the company that produced the game GTA. Allegations of theft of GTA5 and GTA6 source code. As proof of this, he posted in one of the Internet forums several screenshots of the source code and almost a hundred video files with the new gameplay of GTA6.

Photo: BleepingComputer

The thief is blackmailing Rockstar Games, but it is doubtful that the company will pay a ransom for not publishing more material. So far, Rockstar Games has not released any message but has removed, among other things some gameplay uploaded from YouTube showing the developers’ work on the game (along with their comments on some of the situations they have corrected).

Advanced Continuous Adolescent

To be interesting, the person who publishes stolen material from Rockstar Games She claims to be behind break into Uber. How much truth is in this, it is not yet known, but both interventions are in fact similar to each other in terms of the scenario and method of “treatment”.

Due to the number of companies (and how famous they are!) have recently been hacked in this way, and due to the thief’s post-attack behavior, the industry has already dubbed these incidents a translated APT. Advanced Continuous Adolescent.

Oh damn, here we go again…

This attack is related to data leakage. second. But if you are playing GTA, don’t panic yet.

It’s true that Rockstar Games has yet to report the scale of the incident (maybe still analyzing it), but based on what the thief got up to, the threat to players appears to be minimal. The attacker may not have entered into any infrastructure that could threaten the game. But for now, that’s just our educated guess, based on how APT thieves behave. It’s hard to believe that they decided to spoil the gameplay by insulting them at least indiscriminately, as happened during the attacks on Uber or Revolut.

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Although in the case of GTA it’s hard to say if players won’t take it as a normal gameplay item… 😉

Stay tuned for new information on this topic

The situation is evolutionary, the attacker created a channel on Telegram where he publishes new materials. Therefore, if there is new information in this topic, we will notify you in the update. And if the threat turns out to be serious, we’ll send you Warning Through our mobile application CyberAlertySo if you don’t have it yet, it’s best to download it. It is free and does not require any registration. This is an RCB alert, but only in the area of ​​cybersecurity. You can use the app Download from here.

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