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Guillermo del Toro mentions the new version of Silent Hill at TGA 2021. Check out Nightmares Alley’s trailer

Guillermo del Toro mentions the new version of Silent Hill at TGA 2021. Check out Nightmares Alley's trailer

One of The Game Awards’ famous guests was Guillermo del Toro. Although the director would have presented the winner in the Best Directing category, his statement about Konami’s production caught the attention of many players.

During this year’s Game Awards, we couldn’t just see the hot ads for games – Jeff Kelly, among other things, tried Short Film Trailer for “Hello” And “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”However, a different speech certainly awakened the expectations of the audience.

Guillermo del Toro also appeared on TGA’s pre-recorded material, who, in addition to promoting his latest movie “Nightmares,” announced one of the winners at the ceremony. During his speech, the Mexican director referred to another production – He emphasized that he also appreciates the storytelling and artistic direction of the Silent Hill games.

“You know, there is one brand that I love to bring out: Silent Hill. I hope we get a remake.”

The unexpected mention of a Konami production has sparked a flurry of speculation among IP fans who are waiting for even the smallest sign of horror. The flavor of the matter was added to the fact that the developer was announced by Hideo Kojima – after all, rumors about the developer’s work on a new game from the Silent Hill series still persist. It’s worth noting that the duo was previously associated with the canceled horror film Silent Hills, and the creators recently worked together on Death Stranding.

“This might be an advertisement for Silent Hill – PS5 | PS51440p”

Perhaps del Toro is only annoying the audience, fueling already huge expectations. However, there is no doubt that the eyes of many IP fans are turning to Konami, while there is no official news from the studio in sight yet.

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Let’s add that at TGA 2021 we also saw the latest “Nightmares” movie trailer. Bradley Cooper, among others, will star in the film based on William Lindsay Gresham’s novel. Cate Blanchett, Willem Dafoe, Rooney Mara and Ron Perlman. The painting is scheduled to premiere on January 28.


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