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Hackers attacked the Polish Mother’s Health Center. The effects of the attack on the hospital have been removed

Hackers attacked the Polish Mother's Health Center.  The effects of the attack on the hospital have been removed
  • A hacker attack on the IT system of Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute in Lodz occurred on Friday.
  • To prevent further damage, the system had to be turned off
  • The attack is removed. The entire IT team is working on it

“Research that requires work in the system suffered”

The hacker attack on the Institute of the Polish Mother Health Center in ód caused great difficulties for doctors and patients.

– Research in the radiology laboratory suffered the most: computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. These modern devices are fully computerized and do not work without a network connection – informs Dziennik Łódzki on Wednesday evening.

Scheduled studies have been postponed. On the other hand, referrals and prescriptions have returned to the traditional paper format.

Adam Czerwiński, a hospital spokesperson, confirmed in an interview with Dziennik Łódzki that most areas of the hospital’s work are operational, especially those that save the lives and health of patients. These are the delivery rooms and operations.

– The hospital is constantly trying to provide a standard service to patients using traditional documents. Despite this, we cannot rule out some difficulties for patients in the next few days – Czerwiński admits in an interview with ód.

A team of IT specialists from the Polish parent company, with the support of specialists from the Ministry of Health, as well as the Center for Electronic Health and the Scientific and Academic Computer Network of the National Research Institute, are working to reduce the negative effects of a cyber attack. .

Let’s add that the NFZ has earmarked additional funds this year to combat cyberattacks. The money comes from the COVID-19 fight fund, and hospitals can receive from 240 to 900 thousand. PLN to improve security. Applications can still be submitted by the end of November.

“The contract has already been signed by, among other things, a Polish mother who will receive 600,000 PLN” – reports Dziennik Łódzki.

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