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Halloween 2021. Best celebrity costumes from recent years: Rebel Małgorzata Rozenek, Grandma Heidi Klum, witch Joanna Krupa (PHOTOS)

Halloween 2021. Best celebrity costumes from recent years: Rebel Małgorzata Rozenek, Grandma Heidi Klum, witch Joanna Krupa (PHOTOS)

Finally, it’s time to remember the most interesting Halloween costumes from years past, which we remember the most. Who do you think will surprise us the most this year? Will Laurel return to Heidi Klum?

This weekend will feature scarecrows of all kinds, vampires, werewolves, and other unpleasant creations of human imagination. That’s because the all-dress-lover’s holiday is coming – Halloween! Celebrities have long been accustomed to dressing up in fancy costumes from their children, and today masked parties for adults should come as no surprise. While waiting for a fresh dose of cool design, let’s take a moment to check out the archives for the most interesting inspiration for this year’s events.

The undisputed queen of Halloween is still here Heidi KlumWhich appeared more than once in our ranking. Although it must be admitted that her ideas for fashion can take the whole table. Sisters also deserve a special mention Kardashianwho works hard to surprise her fans. Nor do we have anything to be ashamed of in our Polish backyard. Last year, she joined the fun again Małgorzata Rozenek, a Joanna Krupa He has something to say about Halloween.

See the most interesting Halloween costumes of recent years. Which one do you like more?

Why am I not enjoying this? I think I’m out of this world

Heidi is always number 1

Heidi wins, but being a chip or a mailbox made me laugh incredibly xD


half joke

47 minutes ago

I don’t know myself! I don’t celebrate this American holiday

Recent Comments (27)

And what do these Polish stars care about and where did they get it? Ask them about the configuration. They certainly don’t know.

Hedi is unlikely to live to 100 because, as far as I know, she’s 50. She is German

Rozenkowa zakompleksiona learn a class from Heidi Klum

Haha the comments are disappearing from the box again 😛 Chucky the best! When I’m feeling miserable, it’s a yearly complaint that what a holiday I don’t care about Halloween, because they’re American, etc. You know – every good Catholic should tell others about having a good time 🤮

And the poodle deletes the comments…why, why…, you make posts, and then you shy away from the commenters’ comments. financial problems.

Chucky is the best!! How am I tired of whining indignant people every year, what they don’t know, what a holiday they are and they don’t care about Halloween, because they are Han Americans after all, and they are good Catholics… and as good Catholics I feel the need to remind everyone to have a good time 🤢🤮🤮

Heidi Klum after 50 years… phenomenon as usual.

I don’t understand this new tradition at all, but our celebrities pick up on all the stupidity.


Heidi Klum has so many more makeup artists out there than this, I bet even the ideas aren’t for her.

The message box is the best!!! In general, the best disguise are mushrooms, carrots, apples, some abstraction, not boredom, like a sexy Disney heroine or superhero, or a character from a horror movie.

Useful field 🙂

These clothes are boring and predictable. NUDAAAA

I don’t like it at all, I don’t see the point of this stupid dress

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