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Handball World Cup. Poland – Cameroon. advertisement

Handball World Cup.  Poland - Cameroon.  advertisement

The tournament in Spain is the first to be played in a 32-team format. This means more play, but also a fairly quick “check” of teams that stand out from the world leaders in terms of sports. Initially, the teams were divided into eight groups of four. From each of them, up to three will advance to the main stage, where players in turn wait for the next group stage.

Already before the tournament in Poland, “Piao Zeroni” was supposed to be able to pass the first group stage. While no one in their right mind would underestimate Serbia and Russia, Cameroon was considered a team the team led by Arne Sinstad should have no problem with.

So far, unfortunately, Piao Zeroni has not performed well in Spain. After the defeat to Serbia in the 21:25 minute, the general mood of the fans was not the best. Although the results do not show it, our opponents controlled the situation throughout the match, and a tie appeared on the scoreboard only once. at 0:0.

The first half of the match against the Russians did not give many reasons for optimism. Our defense was not fully able to handle the fast match of our opponents, and in addition there was no clue up front. However, in the second part of the game, the Polish women began to make up for the losses. Alexandra Rossik broke our offensive deficit several times with her long-range throws, Adrianna Płaczek took a few throws and suddenly “Biao-Czerwony” came close to the Russians with one hit.

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However, in the end, our cold blood ran out, especially in the seventh meter shots. The Polish women provided alarming laxity in this element of the game, not using as many as six penalties, which translated into a defeat at 23:26. Painful, because certainly at your request, because it is easy to calculate at least half of the “sevens” in the network that would change the fate of this clash …

The Polish national team now faces the first match in the history of our national team against Cameroon, which in theory is supposed to guarantee us promotion to the main stage. The players from Africa have obviously lost to both Russia and Serbia and appear to be the weakest team in Group B. If Biacho Zeroni played at their normal level, they would have no problems winning this match. If it were otherwise, it would have been an even greater disaster than that which occurred in the match against Russia.

The question Polish fans ask themselves is not whether Polish women get a promotion, but what then? Because already in the next stage of the tournament we will have much stronger teams: France, Montenegro, Slovenia or Angola. Piao Ziruni will enter there with zero points, which means that the chances of advancing to the playoffs are slim.

However, Polish women will have to fight in every match, although it will not be easy. It seems that the three teams from the ancient continent are currently stronger than our players. The French are the current Olympic champions and one of the medal contenders. Montenegro and Slovenia are also important teams in Europe, with many good players on their squad.

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The real “burdens” are still ahead. Advancement to the main stage looks almost certain, although the physically strong Cameroon will certainly want to make a good impression. Our team must show good and effective handball and build the right atmosphere before battling with stronger opponents. – I will always say that the World Cup is such a fun event that in the group stage, which does not require much effort, you can create the right atmosphere. I think you can win a lot of this atmosphere in events like this. It is enough to leave the group, accelerate and not count – Iona Nidoido said before the tournament in an interview with “Entria”.

It is true that the Polish women did not speed up much, but let’s hope that the second half of the match against Russia and the victory over Cameroon will change him. The match between Poland and Cameroon starts at 18:00. It is broadcast on Polsat Sport.

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