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Hanna Zborovska about the new lover. Who is Marcelo?

Hanna Zborovska about the new lover.  Who is Marcelo?

Hanna Zboroska She did not follow in the footsteps of her famous father. True, she starred in the series “Miłość na podium”, but she decided not to engage in show business and chose to study law in Salamanca, where she met her ex-husband. The couple moved to sunny Brazil and lived there for several years, raising two daughters.

As Hana Zborovska revealed, her marriage to her ex-husband broke up just before the pandemic. The couple struggled to keep it for three years, but failed to achieve the desired goal.

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“Actually, the whole last year has been very difficult for me. First, after 14 years of marriage, we decided it was over, and my husband was leaving. We went to therapy for three years, and we tried, but at some point we decided we did everything we did. .at our best. We turned from lovers to friends. When love ends, there is no point in getting tired. It’s very annoying and it hurts a lot all the time. When there is no way out, you have to make a male decision ”- said Hana Zborovska.

Hana Zborovska remembers 2020 as a tough year

Later in the conversation, Hanna Zborowska revealed that life in the pandemic in Brazil has been very difficult for her and Brazilians because of the lockdown that has been imposed.

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Her ex-husband had left his place a few days before the restrictions were imposed, and schools were closed. To make matters worse, the nanny who took care of Hana Zborovska’s daughters fell ill with COVID-19, and her parents were unable to come to Brazil.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Under the influence of such unexpected events, Wiktor Zborowski’s daughter was forced to seek help from a psychiatrist and pharmacologist, taking antidepressants for some time.

Hana Zboroska found love

The real breakthrough in Hanna Zborowska’s life happened in 2020. As she revealed, in November last year, she met a new guy.

“I met Marcelo in mid-November. He started talking to me and immediately said that he would like to invite me to dinner. He’s 10 years older than me, he’s a lawyer and he has several small businesses. He is a very smart and warm guy who is a great dancer. This is what happened to me because no one danced with me معي– admitted Hana Zborovska.

In the article “Dzień dobry TVN” my friend joked that Hana Zborovska was born in the wrong country, because in fact she is more Brazilian than her – she is warm and open, loves to sing and dance, lives and enjoys life to the fullest . Currently, Hanna Zborowska spends a lot of time by the ocean, where her eldest daughter devotes herself to her passion – windsurfing. Nothing indicates her desire to return to Poland. When the daughter of Viktor Zborovsky was asked if she was happy, she said:

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