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Harry Potter fans are happy. This game is a must watch for sports

Harry Potter fans are happy.  This game is a must watch for sports

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most awaited PC games of recent years. This should come as no surprise, as it is one of the most promising titles in the Harry Potter universe. Recently, the game has been delayed again, but the creators are eager to get players’ attention. A new trailer was shown at the Gamescom event

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There will be forbidden magic

During a Gamescom event, the creators of Hogwarts Legacy decided to share a new trailer with fans waiting for the game’s premiere. This was one that was entirely devoted to practices that were condemned in movies and books – forbidden black magic. As it turns out, creating our magician’s story gives us a chance to get to know her.

However, this is not the end of the trailer. It also offers a lot of gameplay. We can observe the characters in the battle scenes as well as while exploring the mysterious rooms. From the short film it can be concluded that the competitors to the players will be not only other magicians, but also servants of necromancers and magical animals.

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Not this year’s game

Hogwarts Legacy was announced a few years ago, and the film’s premiere has been postponed several times. Originally, the game was supposed to hit store shelves last year. Then the rumors spoke about 2022, more precisely in December. It seems like the perfect time to release the game, after all, this game can be a great gift for fans of the “boy who survived” story.

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However, as we can learn from the official message from the creators, we won’t be playing Hogwarts Legacy until February 2023. The premiere has once again been shifted from care and attention down to the smallest detail. Although this is sad news, we should not necessarily be angry – it is better to wait a little longer and get a fully functional product.

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