July 28, 2021

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Harry returned to Britain.  Megan stayed in the US - o2

Harry returned to Britain. Megan stayed in the US – o2

Prince Harry was again found in Britain. The last time he came to his own land was when his grandfather, Prince Philip, died. Harry came alone without Megan’s wife.

Officially, Megan did not attend Queen Elizabeth’s husband’s funeral due to an advanced pregnancy. However, the couple’s interview with Oprah is controversial. However, on Thursday, the family will have to forget about their fights. An important day for Harry – Princess Diana’s birthday. On August 1, Prince Charles’ ex-wife turned 60 years old.

Harry ended his 5 day isolation after arriving from the United States. He spent this time in the Fragmore cottage. He will soon meet his brother William to unveil a statue in memory of Princess Diana at Kensington Garden.


Construction of the monument began 4 years ago. Sculptor Ian Rank-Portley took care of it. Its opening ceremony will be modest. Except for William and Harry, only the closest Princess Diana and the sculptor appear there. William’s wife, Princess Kate, and the children will not be there.

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