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He ate bread from Tesco before he enlisted. He felt ashamed and did not get a job – o2

He ate bread from Tesco before he enlisted.  He felt ashamed and did not get a job - o2

An extraordinary story presented by the “Daily Mail”. A man in Britain discovered how much importance people should attach to food. Consuming his favorite Tesco bread, he probably didn’t expect baking to have such a big impact on his career.

The Brit was applying for a job. One of the steps of the recruitment process was drug testing on his body. The candidate, certain of his purity, joined it without giving any excuse. He was very surprised when it turned out that he got a positive result. The man did not know the reason for the failure, especially since he was not under the influence of any medication.

The solution to the puzzle was not clear. It turns out that the culprit in the whole situation was bread with poppy seeds from Tesco. Before leaving for the interview, the guy received his favorite bread from his sister. He didn’t know it would cause a positive drug test. There may have been trace amounts of opium in the poppy, which the test detected.

A Tesco spokeswoman in the UK said that while the seeds themselves do not usually contain these naturally occurring chemicals, sometimes the harvest can transfer them from one plant to another.

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