October 23, 2021

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He crushes Iga and may ask, "What happened to our class?"  Now a copy of it

He crushes Iga and may ask, “What happened to our class?” Now a copy of it

It’s been a year since Iga Šwietic won the French Open in Paris. On October 10, 2020, she defeated Sofia Kenin in the French Slam final. And it’s good to look at where the Polish women are at the moment, and where are the tennis players with whom they won last year on the Seine. Su-Wei Hsieh slowly ends his career, but here it is already determined by biological considerations. She’s an older generation player and will likely focus primarily on doubles. Eugenie Bouchard isn’t actually on the tour anymore, she’s commented on meetings. Although it is the optimum age for success. Simona Halep got married and despite the fact that, of course, she is still a great heroine, health problems have seriously damaged her this year. At Indian Wells, she advanced to the 1/8 finals, but she’s no longer delivering that class as before.

Martina Trevisan and Nadia Podroska – the two quarter-finalists and semi-finalists at last year’s French International – of course, nothing more than that. Sofia Kenin’s victory in the Australian Open before the virus and the Garros final cut her travels significantly. At first she broke up with her coach father and formed a new team, then she was not lucky, because, despite being vaccinated, she was diagnosed with the virus. She couldn’t play in the US Open, and she also misses Indian Wells. Only Marketa Vondrousova, who was defeated by the Pole in the first round, could be partially satisfied with this competition. In Tokyo, she won the Olympic silver medal.

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Compared to Świątek’s progress, all of these players look pale. Especially in light of what Iga has to offer in Indian Wells. In the second round she won quickly with Petra Martic 6:1, 6:3, and in the third round she did better and defeated her 6:1, 6:0 in the attack of Weronika Kudirmietowa. She didn’t “let” her in this match at all, and thanks to her good concentration she didn’t have a single braking moment throughout the match. Rywalka seemed from start to finish reconciled with fate. This was her second defeat with a tennis player from Raszyn. Previously, however, she succumbed to it after an even fiercer match at the US Open. Then your recovery won 6:3, 6:3.

Now from the start there was no doubt who would qualify for the fourth round. There he will face another Roland Garros champion, Yelena Ostapenko. Latvia triumphed in Paris in 2017, three years ahead of the Polish women. Also in his teens, he beat Simona Halep in the final. But then she stopped, and today her strikes do not have the same force and accuracy as before. She qualified for the match against Świątek after a 6:3, 2:6, 6:3 victory over Julia Putintseva of Kazakhstan.

The ladies have competed once so far, but it was under completely different circumstances, on grass in Birmingham. The tennis player from Riga won 6: 2, 6: 0. Now, if such a result was possible, then the opposite is true. In Indian Wells, Iga is unforgiving of her opponents. Ostapenko could already be preparing for heavy blows coming from the other side of the net. It’s hard to expect that Iga will find an effective answer to websites and attackers…

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Watch how Iga Świątek took control of Weronika Kudirmietowa in Indian Wells: