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He described the funeral without a priest. “Neither whine nor false ritual gestures” – O2

He described the funeral without a priest.  “Neither whine nor false ritual gestures” - O2

His friend’s funeral made him contemplate. “He reads the wise thoughts of the deceased, the poetry of the poets he loved. The music that he loved was played. Next to the jar was a picture of my friend and I felt that at that moment I was closer to my deceased friend than I was with him when he was alive ”- Troy Skiba.

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Skiba described what happened during the party: How the master asked everyone to bid farewell to the deceased in their own way and how the audience began to tell stories from his life.

“I threw a white rose on a pile of flowers and somehow felt sad, but at the same time strangely happy. My eyes were wet, but my heart was at peace. I think my friend would have loved his funeral. Despite the rainy weather, there were many people who He knows them and probably loves them.”

Skiba concluded that the sad and gloomy atmosphere at the funerals was due to the presence of the priest.

“The lack of whining for that church and false ritual gestures constitute a Catholic funeral and have nothing to do with the person who died.”

The musician added that he understood during the ceremony that he too would prefer the ceremonies to the “traditional” funeral.

“I’m not an atheist. I’m a skeptic, but I don’t want any priest at a funeral (unless a priest friend comes in as someone special). I want a funeral where rock songs are recommended (I’m just making a list) and someone will tell a good joke before they put me on the floor” .

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