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He destroyed Kayah, and confirmed the worst: I can’t influence him anymore!

He destroyed Kayah, and confirmed the worst: I can't influence him anymore!

Kayah is one of the most respected and award winning singers in the country. The singer is also known for speaking out about her views and criticizing the current government in its subsequent actions.

The singer publishes her statements and encourages further protests against the law and the policy of justice mainly in social media, which has a wide scope.

Unfortunately, the star recently fell victim to hackers who took control of their Facebook account. Her fans recently had a huge shock when they got into her profile, which started showing hours of video game broadcasts.

“It looks like a profile has been hacked. But why? Nothing has changed. Everything is the same. The guest is just streaming the game. I wonder why this profile is?” One follower wrote.

Kayah is dazed as she is completely helpless at the moment. A comment from Kayah Trading Company appeared under the video.

“Babe, unfortunately Kayah’s profile has been hacked, we are working on recovering it, and we apologize in advance for the silly videos that will appear here. Better not to comment on them. We hope to recover the account soon” – he reported.

Kayah herself responded on Instagram, luckily she hasn’t lost access to this platform…

“Baby, unfortunately my Facebook profile has been hacked. We are working on restoring it, but it may take several weeks. I apologize in advance for the strange videos that will appear there, I have no influence on them” – the star regrets.

We keep our fingers intertwined until the culprits are caught, and soon the order is undone!

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